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Roblox Rumbles Ripple Rumours: No XRP in Our Game!

Is Roblox rolling with Ripple’s XRP? Absolutely not! Despite the buzz around the block(chain), the gaming giant has given it the old heave-ho.

In the world of tweets and treats, misinformation can spread faster than you can say ‘Bob’s your uncle’—even if the original post has been chucked in the bin.

BitPay’s Blunder and the Ripple Riddle

Roblox robustly refuted the rife rumours of embracing XRP payments. They told that the chatter about gamers splashing their Robux on in-game goodies with Ripple’s XRP coin is simply “poppycock.”

The gossip got going when BitPay, the payment processor, hinted in a tweet—now tossed—that players could part with Ripple’s XRP for Xsolla payments in certain games, cheekily name-dropping Roblox and Smite.

“Xsolla’s now taking XRP via BitPay for your gaming pleasures, including the likes of Smite and Roblox,” the now-nixed note from BitPay read. “Dive into gaming with your top-notch crypto,” they boasted.

When quizzed about the tweet’s mysterious disappearance, BitPay’s CMO, Bill Zielke, spilled the beans: “We made a dog’s dinner out of that tweet. But keep your eyes peeled for more merchant crypto news.”

Roblox’s Rebuttal and Xsolla’s Exposition

Yet, even with the tweet taken down, the rumour mill was in overdrive. A tweet from crypto bigwig Scott Melker, racking up a whopping 270,000 views, wrongly wedded Roblox with the cryptocurrency, suggesting this “news” hinted at sunnier skies for the token.

But these whispers were just that—baseless banter. Roblox retorted that such tales of them joining forces with BitPay to bring XRP to the gaming masses were pure fiction.

“We’ve been swamped with stories on this, and they’re all balderdash,” another Roblox mouthpiece chimed in. They confirmed that while Xsolla is in their payment arsenal, Roblox doesn’t dabble in digital dosh like Bitcoin or XRP. They also highlighted that BitPay’s blunder of a tweet was binned because of its bogus info.

A swift snoop into buying Robux on Roblox’s site reveals the only Yankee payment methods are the usual suspects: credit card, debit card, gift card, PayPal, Venmo, Klarna, CVS Pharmacy payments, and the Paysafecard (a sort of pre-paid penny card).

Xsolla added they weren’t in cahoots with the deleted BitPay blurb. As per Xsolla’s site, they gifted Roblox with a card solution in 2020 and are noted as a payment provider for Roblox’s credit card charges. They also cater to other gaming giants like Valve, Twitch, Epic Games, and Krafton, just to drop a few names.

Video Game Commerce Xsolla and Cryptocurrency

Just a few months ago, Xsolla, a renowned video game commerce company, has teamed up with the global cryptocurrency platform, This integration is nothing short of a game-changer, presenting fresh opportunities for both game developers and players. By embracing the crypto craze, transactions are set to be smoother, more dapper, and secure as the Bank of England! This not only jazzes up the gaming experience but also dishes out a smorgasbord of digital payment methods, especially in the buzzing digital and metaverse spaces. Eric Anziani, the top dog at, waxed lyrical about the boundless potential of fusing gaming with the Web3 wonders.

Meanwhile, Xsolla’s Pay Station, the gaming payment hotspot spanning over 200 regions, is gearing up to boost its offerings by roping in Pay. This nifty move promises to catapult game developers and publishers into the limelight, letting them woo a broader band of players and delve into vibrant markets. Chris Hewish, the head honcho of Xsolla, stressed the brisk evolution of the gaming world and the pressing need to keep pace with these shifts, especially with the world going gaga over digital dosh.

Gaming and Crypto: A Perfect Match?

As the lines between virtual gaming realms and cryptocurrency blur, it’s evident that the future of transactions in the gaming world is on the cusp of a revolution. With powerhouses like Xsolla embracing the crypto wave and collaborations like the one with coming to the fore, players and developers alike are in for a treat. The gaming industry, known for its innovation, is once again leading the charge, proving that when it comes to evolution, it’s always game on. As we stand at this digital crossroads, one thing’s for certain: the fusion of gaming and crypto is not just a fleeting trend, but a sign of the times, heralding a new era of seamless, secure, and diverse payment options. 

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