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P2E Game – Splinterlands, Launches Streaming Channel

splinterlands p2e tv channel

Splinterlands (SPS), the leading blockchain gaming company in the world, is now leading the charge in another way: its groundbreaking goal of a round-the-clock SplinterlandsTV channel. 

Nearly every moment of the day and night, enthusiasts of the game will find active users streaming at all levels, and having conversations about everything from the game’s economy, to player strategies, to the lending and trading scene, and beyond. The parallel education experience being made possible alongside the game’s growth has been unseen in the blockchain gaming vertical. 

SplinterlandsTV unpacked

Since its founding in 2018 by Matt Rosen and CEO Jesse “Aggroed’” Reich, Splinterlands has taken both the blockchain world and gaming community by storm, boasting more than 2 million users in 146 countries and, significantly, a recent milestone of over 2 billion total plays–and shows no sign of slowing down.  While the cryptocurrency climate overall cools as economic struggles hit the world in the aftermath of the 2020-2021 economic shut downs, Splinterlands continues to see a consistent influx of hundreds of new users daily, all who are eager to discover the unique merits of a game built on the blockchain and its ability to enhance and expand player experience.  While there is yet resistance in the traditional gaming industry to blockchain gaming, the user interest is clear: Web 3.0, and games like Splinterlands, are here to stay.

SplinterlandsTV is yet more evidence of the passion and personal investment so many players are bringing to and cultivating within the game.  No matter when someone tunes in, there is something worth watching and engaging. There are beginners and experts, playing all levels; there are players fixated on the in-game fantasy world and its charms; there are those engrossed by the economic complexity (“tokenomics” as blockchain gamers will call it); and there are those explaining to eager listeners how to effectively advance through the game’s levels and master its enticing reward system.

Web3 gaming

Splinterlands’ Sales and Marketing Operator, who goes by the pseudonymous gaming name r0nd0n, has long been a force for the expansive possibilities of Web 3.0 internet entertainment and education.  With Reich, he began the web-based radio station MSP Waves on the Hive blockchain before Splinterlands took flight.  While SplinterlandsTV has been a long process and hard work, the pay off, he says, is extraordinary:

“I built this from the ground up. I’m HR, systems operations, project management. It’s been a ton of work. And it’s really exciting now that we are close to having this 24-hour streaming channel with so many people from around the world signed up to stream, in multiple languages,” he said.

“People get to see the game being played at all levels, which helps them decide to play Splinterlands and stick around for the long haul,” he continued. “It’s huge for community empowerment–everyone benefits together, and this also brings in a lot of new gamers. It’s turned into such a multi-layered thing and the only limit is imagination. It’s remarkable.” 

So who are the SplinterlandsTV fledgling online celebrities? They hail from all over the world and have a marked variance of interest and emphasis in their streaming shows–as well as in personality. They stream in different languages and time zones. But they all share one thing in common: a deep passion for the Splinterlands game and community.

“[SplinterlandsTV’s 24-hour streaming] is an initiative never seen before–not even in the largest and most competitive games,” said one streaming contributor, VenapGames. “The launch of SplinterlandsTV on Twitch opens the doors for the game to be seen on one of the most important streaming platforms for AAA and non-competitive games.”

The channel is available on Twitch, the well-known streaming service used by gamers globally, acquired by its parent company, Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), in August of 2014–making strong use of existing mainstream gaming culture.

The gaming Edutainment

Also treading into the realm of “edutainment,” the station is drawing in many more new users, getting them quickly oriented in the game basics, and adapting players to everything to do with the game.  An uncommon resource, SplinterlandsTV is helping to ensure impressive user retention, community formation and engagement, and, as a result, a constantly improving game that only becomes more attractive to gamers by the day–a feature unique to Web 3.0 gaming.  In removing so many of the obstacles new gamers often face, especially the added complexity of blockchain technology, Splinterlands is proving itself to be a formidable force in the gaming industry with the promise of longevity within the gaming ecosystem.

SplinterlandsTV allows us to bring voices, faces, laughs, and the personalities behind the cards to life,” another streamer, Holoz0r, said. “It is an amazing reminder that on the end of every other battle is a blood-hungry tactician.”

The quiet brains and engine behind the operation, r0nd0n’s passion for the channel is contagious.

“We couldn’t have SplinterlandsTV and everything it is without seriousness and passion from both the company and our community members. We couldn’t do it without a company that wants to take risks and is very confident in their game,” he said.

“It’s all such a clear sign of assurance in this game and the desire of so many to share it with the world.”

SplinterlandsTV is available for nearly 24-hour viewing at its channel on Twitch

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