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Learning about P2E DeepSpace on Binance Smart Chain

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Although nonfungible tokens (NFTs) have continued to gain popularity, they have a seemingly small audience size, primarily limited to those already active in the cryptocurrency world. One of the main reasons for the lack of adoption is the underlying technology not being seen for more than its ability to be added to a collection. However, many fail to realize that NFT usage extends far beyond digital art pieces. NFTs can also be used to create online experiences and games for a population eager for adventure.

In contrast to collecting, games that entertain play on a user’s ability to learn, test their strategic decision-making and provide socialization opportunities. Combining these opportunities with the play-to-earn (P2E) model can help gamers monetize their time.

Traditionally, when a gamer quits a game, any time or monetary investments made would vanish. With the blockchain, gamers can sell what they manage to collect in the game, turning their video game spending into investing. While more and more gaming developers have begun to dabble in the NFT space, most blockchain games in this generation are less interesting and fun than traditional video games.

DEEPSPACE (DPS), a platform positioned as an evolving revolutionary platform, aims to build an expansive P2E game that addresses these concerns on the Binance Smart chain (BSC). When asked about their goals for the team, members of DEEPSPACE (DPS) share, “we’re all gamers, and we’re going to build a game that will immerse and engage players,” an element that is often “lacking in most current-gen blockchain games.”

Exploring the galaxy by starship

DEEPSPACE (DPS) offers several experiences they believe will be truly immersive to players, including the ability to customize in-game assets, explore a new universe and battle other players. In DEEPSPACE (DPS), players are invited to grab a starship of their own and explore the galaxy. Users will have opportunities to mine, build, battle or add customizations to their ship. Any modifications made may be for value-added purposes or strategic to improve their chances in battle.

That said, the DEEPSPACE (DPS) platform shares that the NFT marketplace will be the first aspect of the game to launch. On the marketplace, players can buy and sell land, weapons, spacecraft and other items to help them in exploring the platform. Players can gain value as they advance in the game and grow their characters.MORE INSIGHTS ON DEEPSPACE (DPS) HERE

The marketplace is integrated with the rest of the DEEPSPACE (DPS) platform to allow for quick connection to like-minded players looking for items to trade to help further their progress in the metaverse game. In addition to exploration, players can also participate in combat scenarios, including player vs. player (PvP) and player vs. enemy (PvE). In player vs. player scenarios, users can battle each other with the intent to earn rare resources, areas or other desirable locations in the solar system. 

The DEEPSPACE (DPS) universe is made up of several different planets, each of which is subdivided to make up the in-game property. Property sales will be made through an auction on the marketplace, prices depending on their size and resource refresh rates. Additionally, property may be given away through market campaigns or random to ensure that an equal balance of property owners is maintained.

Any property purchased will also double as a play-to-earn feature of the metaverse game since any in-game landowners can earn fees from guests collecting resources on their planets.

Continued participation

The team behind DEEPSPACE (DPS) believes in letting the gamers have full ownership over all their in-game assets. As a result, players are encouraged to continue participating in the game economy, which will continue to create and add value for other players and investors.

Since the token’s launch on Aug. 23, the team has already done additional work to build the community, asset designs, 3D modeling and the NFT marketplace. However, they still share their focus on constant development and engaging with their community.

Since the token’s launch on Aug. 23, the team with over 20 team members has done a huge amount of work on DEEPSPACE’s (DPS) game mechanics, infrastructure, asset designs, 3D modeling, concept designs, metaverse lore, community and tokenomics. 

The metaverse game’s alpha version will launch the week of Dec. 27 on a testnet with additional releases following. The team plans to continually build and expand the DEEPSPACE (DPS) metaverse next year.

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