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First of its kind play2earn games that will go live by the end of 2022

Play2earn gaming is the next big frontier in the gaming and blockchain industry. Several games are available today, although most excitement surrounds projects still in development. The following projects bring a new and unique cocktail to the party, further enhancing the industry’s mainstream appeal. 

Apeiron (God Game)

The first blockchain play2earn god game is slated for a release near the end of 2022. Apeiron combines various gaming mechanics – card battling, simulation, and roguelike elements – into a compelling user experience that not only looks stunning but offers rewards across the board. Players will feel a sense of accomplishment watching their in-game Godling perform miracles, seeing their civilization evolve, and the Celestial Conjunction to create new and unique planet NFTs. 

The primary draw of Apeiron is the god game’s various gameplay features. Being in charge of a planet with a unique biome is far more challenging than it seems on paper. The PvE World Exploration aspect enables a deep dive into the home planet through an Avatar and their Dood hero Apostles by exploring dungeons, solving puzzles, and uncovering the many mysteries and wonders of the planet. 

Finally, players have PvP and Galaxy vs. Galaxy combat. That latter aspect is unique, as players can interact with each other through solo competitive ranked ladder play or cooperative Alliances to take down World Bosses. Combined with the Armageddon mechanic – which enables fully exhausted planets to be born anew as an undeveloped location – there is much to explore for the players. Engaging in Armageddon will award substantial amounts of Soul Gems to upgrade in-game characters through permanent progression. 

Overall interest in Apeiron is rising, as the team recently conducted a mini-Guild War. The event noted participation from Clout Gaming, YGG SEA, Guild 22, Dynamic Crypto Gaming, Avocado Guild, and many others. 

Banger Games (Play2Earn Infrastructure)

Every blockchain and play2earn gaming title has its own currency, NFTs, and assets. Banger Games aims to unify these currencies into a global gaming economy. Through its selection of decentralized Play2Earn tools, developers can introduce a second layer on top of their game. That applies to blockchain games but also mainstream AAA titles, including CS:GO, DOTA 2, Call of Duty, and other competitive titles. 

Banger Games aims to provide ample entertainment opportunities for everyone. Gamers, content producers, developers, and publishers can achieve their goals under the Banger Games banner and tap into a growing global community of passionate gamers. Moreover, the players can improve their skills through SMART Tournaments, Battle Pass, in-game objectives, and P2P cloud gaming. Participation in these opportunities will reward NFTs, Banger Coins, and other prizes provided by reputable brands and influencers. 

Moreover, tools provided by Banger Ganes enable NFT minting for giveaways, freemium gaming opportunities, in-game objective systems to retain gamers, and a custom anti-cheat client powered by IBM technology. In addition, viewers – who enjoy watching streamers, content creators, and tournaments – can benefit from Watch2earn mechanics, support in-game action and players, etc. 

Infinity Skies (Sky Island Kingdom Sandbox)

The outset of Infinity Skies is to build a prestigious castle while theming it with unique NFT decorations, skins, and building components. Players own their island in the sky where they can build their castle. Additionally, the game has high social interaction, as players can visit other castles and take a tour. Such visits may even inspire them to design their castle differently or try to best competitors through rare decorations and skins. 

The sandbox game solely relies on non-fungible tokens for the castle-building process. All structural components, furniture, and decorations are tradeable. However, building and socializing are only two of the four crucial pillars of Infinity Skies. Players are also incentivized to go on adventures – difficult and rewarding challenges with rogue-lite elements – and Trading.

One unique aspect of Infinity Skies is the prestige system, which is tied to the NFT reward system. All castles accrue prestige points, allowing the owners to receive rare monthly rewards. In addition, players can organize feats to boost their castle’s visibility and issue rewards to whoever attends. There are various play2earn components to be found in this game.

A demo version of Infinity Skies was recently released and can be accessed through the website. 

Decentral Games (Play2earn Poker)

There are tremendous opportunities ahead when the metaverse meets play2earn mechanics. Decentral Games, creators of the ICE Poker metaverse poker game, enables players to earn tokens by completing daily challenges and competing against other players. The in-game ICE currency incentivizes player liquidity and lets users upgrade in-game items. The second token, DG, is used to activate and upgrade ICE Wearables. 

All in-game Wearables are NFTs players can buy, trade, and sell freely. It is possible to buy the NFT outright or use it through delegation, a solution where earnings are split with the item owner. Moreover, the game has numerous earning mechanics beyond playing poker, including minting new Wearables, mining for ICE to sell to other players, and earning xDG governance tokens for participation in Decentral Games ecosystem fee sharing. 

The game features very interactive gameplay, which puts all kinds of players – and their avatars – into a fun and competitive environment. As players can customize their Avatars, you will come across some unique outfits and Wearable combinations. Furthermore, Decentral Games has built up a solid reputation in the metaverse, as it contributes over 50% of all Decentraland users.

Its strategic partnerships – with Atari, Amnesia Ibiza, etc. – and being the first DAO to own, govern, and monetize virtual land further strengthen the team’s position in the play2earn industry vertical.

Sweat (Move-to-earn)

There is a tremendous overlap between play2earn mechanics and ensuring people live a healthier lifestyle. Known as move-to-earn, the concept has given birth to the various metaverse and Web3 projects. Sweat aims to reward movement to help people achieve better health, lead to a wealthier planet, and improve overall mental health. Moreover, it is an ecosystem anyone can join without initial investment requirements or risk. All it takes is the right mindset to start walking or running and downloading the app to your mobile device.

Sweat intends to bring value to movement through its Web2 app Sweatcoin. That app has become part of a more encompassing Sweat Economy, including the Web3 token and native Sweat Wallet application. Getting everything set up is straightforward, and you can start earning Sweat right away. Moreover, it is never too late to get started on a healthier lifestyle and boost overall walking activities.

Sweatcoin is the top-ranked health and fitness app for 2022 in terms of downloads in the Health & Fitness segment, confirming strong interest in this ecosystem. Moreover, the in-app marketplace facilitated the exchange of $70 million in value for user Sweatcoins in Q1 2022 alone. With over 100 million downloads, Sweat Economy is one of the fastest-growing play2earn ecosystems worldwide. In addition, Sweatcoin users have already opened 11 million Web3 wallets in anticipation for the launch of Sweat Wallet, setting it up for what could end up being the largest Web2-Web3 onramp in history.


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