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TOP-10 Move-to-Earn Apps/Games to Look out

Move-to-Earn (M2E) represents an emerging web3 economic model that offers incentives to users for engaging in fitness and sports activities. This innovative approach presents several avenues through which individuals can generate income, including exercising, staking, trading, and minting. By actively participating in physical activities, users can earn rewards within the M2E ecosystem. Additionally, staking assets and engaging in trading activities contribute to potential income generation. Furthermore, users can explore minting options to create unique in-game assets that can be utilized or traded within the M2E space. With these varied earning opportunities, Move-to-Earn provides a new and exciting way for individuals to monetize their fitness and sports involvement.

The Business Model of Move to Earn

Move to earn apps, similar to play to earn, operate with various business models. Some of these apps are free to use, while others require participants to purchase NFTs to begin, such as the case with STEPN, where users need to buy or rent sneakers before engaging in the game. As players engage in physical activities, they can earn cryptocurrencies that can be utilized to acquire or enhance NFTs within blockchain games, aiding their progress. Additionally, there is often a secondary market where players can convert their in-game items into cash by selling their NFTs or cryptocurrency rewards.

Earn via Exercising

Move to earn games leverage the sensors of participants’ mobile devices, such as GPS and step counters, to track their movements and reward them for exercising. This approach forms the foundation of the move to earn model, encouraging activities like running, jogging, and more. Many web3 fitness apps incentivize users with unique in-game currencies or assets, which can be converted to other cryptocurrencies or used for online purchases.

Earn via Trading

Trading is another avenue for earning within the move to earn ecosystem. As in-game cryptocurrency items and NFTs play a central role, there is a thriving market for these assets on secondary platforms like OpenSea and LooksRare.

Earn via Staking

Staking is a feature found in certain move to earn apps, particularly those employing GameFi mechanics. For instance, Step App offers perpetual staking, allowing users to stake their assets and receive ongoing rewards. Similarly, STEPN users can stake their Sneaker NFTs to generate rewards.

Earn via Minting

Minting is another method offered by apps like STEPN and Step App, enabling participants to create special in-game NFTs that can be utilized or traded on secondary markets.

Best M2E (Move to Earn) Games

1. StepN

M2E game/appSTEPN
PlatformBrowser, mobile

STEPN, also referred to as StepN, is a move-to-earn app that has experienced a significant decline in price since its all-time high. However, it continues to maintain the highest market capitalization among all move-to-earn cryptocurrencies in the market.

As of today, the market cap of the app is $600 million, positioning it within the top 100 cryptocurrencies across various sectors. The native governance token of the StepN platform is called GMT, or Green Metaverse Token. During its previous bullish cycle, GMT reached a peak market cap of $2 billion, with its highest recorded price on Binance being $4.18.

StepN and GMT remain the most widely recognized move-to-earn crypto game and coin, garnering substantial social engagement, popularity in Google trends, and positive attention on platforms like LunarCrush. Major crypto venture capital firms, including Binance Labs and Alameda Research, have invested in StepN, further endorsing its potential.

To participate in the move-to-earn ecosystem of StepN, users typically start by purchasing NFT sneakers. The floor price of these sneakers has recently dropped from 14 SOL to as low as 1.35 SOL on Magic Eden. Consequently, for those who believe in its long-term recovery, the StepN move-to-earn ecosystem may present an attractive investment opportunity due to the current lower prices.

One contributing factor to the decline in value was China’s decision to ban StepN, given that a significant portion of its user base and players of move-to-earn crypto games are located in Asia. Nevertheless, the chief marketing officer of StepN remains optimistic about the success of their move-to-earn (M2E) app, stating that “NFTs are the future of fitness.”

StepN M2E game

2. SweatCoin

M2E game/appSweatCoin
BlockchainEthereum (ETH) and Near Protocol (NEAR) blockchains
PlatformMobile (Android/IOS)

In 2023, Sweatcoin stands out as one of the leading move-to-earn games. With a market cap of approximately $38.66 million as of April 2023, it holds the position as the second-highest move-to-earn project.

At the beginning of this year, the Sweatcoin token experienced a bullish trend, witnessing a 36.7% gain in the first two months. Users can earn one Sweatcoin (SWEAT) for every 1,000 steps they take. These earned tokens can then be exchanged on the platform’s marketplace for a range of items, including high-tech shoes, iPhones, anti-gravity yoga classes, and more.

However, as the move-to-earn game matures, the rewards for steps taken will gradually decrease to preserve the token’s value.

Here are some notable advantages of Sweatcoin:
  1. Low barrier to entry: Walking is a simple activity that anyone can do, making Sweatcoin accessible to a wide range of users.
  2. Token burning: The project employs a mechanism to burn SWEAT tokens, which helps maintain their value over time.
  3. Investment features: The new Sweat Wallet app provides users with various investment options, allowing them to stake their tokens and explore additional opportunities.
  4. Versatile token usage: SWEAT coins can be used to purchase NFTs and contribute to selected causes through donations.
  5. Cross-platform availability: Sweatcoin is available for both Android and iOS devices, ensuring widespread accessibility.
SweatCoin M2E app

3. Step App

M2E game/appStep App
PlatformMobile (Android/IOS)

StepN, a move-to-earn app, faces competition from a similarly named platform called Step App, which has its own native token called FITFI. While GMT, StepN’s token, had the advantage of being an early mover and launched on Binance on March 9th, 2022, FITFI also initially performed well following its launch on on April 27th.

However, FITFI experienced a crash in mid-2022, which coincided with a broader decline in altcoins due to the impact of the LUNA and UST collapse on the crypto market. Additionally, concerns about Celsius, a company facing bankruptcy and potential liquidation with significant BTC and ETH holdings, further contributed to Bitcoin dropping to $17,600 and Ethereum to $880.

Some investors may view the current low price of FITFI as a potential opportunity to buy the dip, especially considering that it may be forming a rounded bottom pattern. However, more conservative investors might prefer to wait for a clearer market structure flip and the emergence of a new bullish uptrend, particularly on the monthly chart.

In late July 2022, Step App made headlines by announcing a partnership with Usain Bolt, the world record-holding athlete known as the fastest man in the world. This partnership could have a positive long-term impact on the FITFI price, as Bolt’s brand recognition and association with the move-to-earn app may help attract a broader user base.

FITFI serves as the governance token, while KCAL acts as the ecosystem token within the platform. Users can earn KCAL by completing fitness challenges or achieving personal milestones. These earned tokens can then be used to mint new sneakers (SNEAK), which are move-to-earn NFTs.

Here are some advantages of the FITFI app:

  1. Cross-platform availability: The app is accessible on both Android and iOS devices, and there is also a web version, allowing users to engage with the platform on various devices.
  2. Group activity feature: The app offers a feature that allows users to make running or walking a group activity. By participating with friends, users can earn tokens collectively, enhancing the social aspect of the experience.
  3. Social and competitive experiences: The app provides social and competitive elements to keep users engaged and motivated to exercise. These experiences can foster a sense of excitement and encourage users to maintain their fitness routines.
Step App / FIFTI App

4. MoveZ

M2E game/appMoveZ
BlockchainBinance Smart Chain
PlatformMobile (Android/IOS)

MoveZ is an innovative move-to-earn app that utilizes GPS technology to track and monitor users’ physical activity, providing rewards for improving fitness and overall health. The app offers a wide range of exercise options, including walking, running, swimming, CrossFit, personalized local challenges, competitions, and a unique burn-to-earn feature.

To begin using MoveZ, you’ll need to import your MetaMask wallet from TrustWallet into the app. Once set up, you have the option to start with an invite code or stake MOVEZ tokens. Staking MOVEZ tokens grants access to all tiers within the app. With your account activated, you can unleash your inner athlete, earn rewards, and engage with fellow fitness enthusiasts.

Earning Potential on MoveZ

The earnings potential on MoveZ is determined by your level of physical activity and the quality of your NFTs. The more active you are, the higher your earning potential. Additionally, possessing high-quality NFTs can increase your earnings. In practice, users can earn anywhere from a few dollars to several hundred dollars per day, depending on their activity level and the type of NFTs they possess.

Diverse Range of Rewardable Exercises

MoveZ offers rewards for all forms of exercise, providing a significant advantage over established platforms that only offer limited exercise options. Whether it’s swimming, cycling, jogging, running, or working out at the gym, all types of exercise are recognized and rewarded on MoveZ.

Potential for Growth

With a market cap of just $55,000, MoveZ has significant room for potential growth. This potential is further amplified by the track record of BlueZilla, the company behind MoveZ, which has launched a considerable number of highly successful initial DEX offerings (IDOs). This indicates that MoveZ possesses substantial growth potential in the market

MoveZ M2E app

5. FightOut

M2E game/appFightOut
BlockchainEthereum network
PlatformMobile (Android/IOS) + MetaMask Wallet

Introducing FightOut, a new M2E (Move-to-Earn) project designed to reward fitness enthusiasts for embracing an active lifestyle. What sets FightOut apart is its ability to track users’ movements, going beyond just counting steps.

By choosing FightOut, users gain access to an affordable fitness app and gym chains that infuse gamification into the fitness journey. The ecosystem incentivizes users to complete workouts and challenges, earn badges, and foster a vibrant community.

One of the standout features of FightOut is its development of a user’s NFT avatar based on their physical progress. As the avatar gains strength, users can enter the FightOut metaverse and test their physical prowess against other community members.

Users have the flexibility to create comprehensive fitness programs tailored to their specific needs and preferences. The FightOut app allows individuals to define their goals, fitness background, and preferred workout types.

The app’s workout builder personalizes solo routines, while high-quality instructional videos guide users in maintaining proper form and targeting specific muscle groups.

For each workout completed and challenge conquered, users earn REPS, the in-app currency. REPS can be used to access the platform, and additional REPS can be purchased using $FGHT tokens.

FightOut employs smart technology to accurately track users’ movements, ensuring the proper issuance of rewards. These rewards can be redeemed for FightOut merchandise, platform subscriptions, and NFTs.

Fight Out M2E app

6. Calo

M2E game/appCalo
BlockchainBNB Chain
PlatformMobile (Android/IOS) 

Calo is an innovative health-lifestyle game that combines elements of GameFi and SocialFi to promote a healthy lifestyle through physical movement. The game tracks your daily work routine, evaluates your activities, and provides rewards in the form of tokens and NFTs. These digital assets can be utilized for in-app transactions or even converted into real cash. Calo incorporates various incentive systems, including stamina, missions, and referrals, to keep users engaged and motivated.

To participate in the game, users are required to purchase an NFT sneaker. Each 5-minute interval of outdoor movement with GPS enabled earns you 1 stamina, which is essential for obtaining a FIT (Fitness Access Token). The number of sneakers you possess directly impacts your stamina and the corresponding token rewards. As a result, the more sneakers you own, the higher your stamina, and thus, the greater your token rewards.

CALO M2E app


M2E game/appBeFITTER
BlockchainBNB Smart Chain
PlatformMobile (Android/IOS) 

BeFITTER is an engaging social fitness app designed to empower users in cultivating a balanced lifestyle through healthy habits. It offers a comprehensive health ecosystem that encompasses diverse exercise routines, customizable workout plans, valuable nutrition tips, and insights into optimizing sleeping patterns. Additionally, the app presents exciting challenges where users can compete with others for enticing prizes.

To get started with BeFITTER, simply sign up on the app to create your account. You’ll have the opportunity to build a character that represents you within the app’s virtual world. Next, establish an in-app wallet and transfer BNB tokens into it. These tokens will be utilized to purchase NFT shoes for your character, enhancing their appearance and functionality within the app.

Once your character is equipped with stylish NFT shoes, you can explore a wide range of personalized workouts and daily challenges tailored to your preferences and fitness goals. By actively participating in these activities, you will not only make progress towards achieving your desired level of fitness but also earn tokens as rewards.


Earn Passive Income by Renting Shoe NFTs on beFITTER

While beFITTER primarily operates as a Move-to-Earn app, it also presents alternative avenues for users to generate a steady passive income. One such opportunity is the ability to rent out shoe NFTs from your collection. As the owner, you have full control over determining the rental amount, duration, and setting the terms and conditions. Once rented out, the recipient can utilize the shoe NFTs to earn rewards on beFITTER for the agreed-upon period.

While rental protocols exist on various platforms, beFITTER introduces an innovative concept called Share Profit. This unique feature enables both the renter and the NFT holder to mutually benefit from the rental arrangement. The profit generated is shared between the two parties based on the conditions established by the original owner of the NFT.

8. MetaGym

M2E game/appMetaGym
BlockchainPolygon network
PlatformMobile (IOS) 

MetaGym presents an engaging move-to-earn game that enables you to convert your heart rate into earnings, even while you sleep. To embark on this exciting journey, you need to create or mint an avatar known as MetaGym Buddies, and subsequently connect your heart rate monitor to the app.

This project operates on the Polygon blockchain and utilizes a Polygon-based cryptocurrency. The governance token of MetaGym is MetaGym Coin ($MGCN), while the in-game utility token is the heart rate token ($HRT).

To accumulate heart rate tokens, you must diligently log your health behaviors and successfully complete weekly and monthly challenges within the game. Similar to a traditional fitness tracker, the app provides a comprehensive overview of your heart rate statistics and displays the earnings generated from your activities. You also have the option to share your progress on social media, showcasing your achievements to others.

There are several advantages to using MetaGym:

  • Getting started is a breeze, as you can effortlessly connect your heart rate monitor to the app via Bluetooth.
  • The app offers a wide range of exercise types and modalities to suit your preferences and goals.
  • Heart rate tokens earned can be exchanged for USDC, providing a versatile utility for your earnings.
  • The integration of smartwatches allows for seamless synchronization and enhanced tracking capabilities.
MetaGym M2E app

9. Dotmoove

M2E game/appDotmoovs
BlockchainEthereum network
PlatformMobile (Android/IOS) 

Dotmoovs offers a unique and innovative move-to-earn gaming experience that combines AI technology with various sports and activities. Unlike traditional move-to-earn games, Dotmoovs allows players to actively engage in sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, and even dancing. Using just a smartphone, players can record their movements in real-time, while AI technology detects and assesses their performance to assign appropriate rewards.

To get started, simply download the Dotmoovs app and create an account. Connect your account to your Metamask wallet and add BSC or MATIC tokens, which will be used for purchasing NFTs within the game. Explore the available games, choose one that interests you, and begin playing. Each game will have its own rules and gameplay mechanics, so take the time to familiarize yourself with them to maximize your experience. Get ready to unleash your skills and earn rewards in the exciting world of Dotmoovs.

move to earn
Dotmoovs M2E app/game

10. Genopets

M2E game/appGenopets
PlatformMobile (Android/IOS) 

Genopets (GENE) is an exciting and innovative free-to-play move-to-earn (M2E) cryptocurrency platform built on the Solana blockchain. Designed to encourage an active lifestyle, Genopets utilizes users’ step data from their mobile phones, integrating play-to-earn economics into the experience.

As a player, you have the opportunity to mint genopets for free, nurture and evolve them, and personalize their traits using in-game gene crystals. This creates a strong emotional connection between players and their genopets, motivating them to engage in more physical activity and develop healthier habits. Genopets effectively applies the productivity-enhancing principles of MMORPGs to the realm of fitness.

Investors on the platform can summon their own Genopets, which are NFT avatars representing their individual performance. By actively moving and engaging with their NFT avatars, players can further enhance and develop their genopets.

Within the Genoverse, players can engage in thrilling battles with other participants, competing in challenges and daily activities to keep their Genopets happy and earn valuable rewards along the way. The governance token of Genopets, GENE, holds significance as it represents the value of each individual’s Genopets within the platform’s ecosystem. Join Genopets today and embark on an immersive journey that combines fitness, gaming, and the potential for significant rewards.

What are the benefits of move-to-earn?

Move-to-earn applications offer several benefits to users. Primarily, they serve as a motivational tool to encourage individuals to lead healthier and fitter lifestyles. By transforming physical activity into a fun and financially rewarding experience, move-to-earn apps make exercise more enjoyable and incentivize users to stay active. However, it’s important to note that as this sector continues to grow, there may be certain risks associated with the sustainability of these projects.

m2e games fitness

What is move-to-earn cryptocurrency?

Move-to-earn cryptocurrency refers to digital currencies that can be earned by participating in specific activities, such as playing games, engaging in physical exercise, or completing various tasks. These activities are designed to be engaging, rewarding, and often incorporate blockchain technology to ensure secure and transparent transactions.

Can I earn crypto by walking?

Yes, it is indeed possible to earn cryptocurrency by walking. There are a lot of apps available that track your physical activity and reward you with digital assets based on the number of steps taken or distance traveled. These apps utilize blockchain technology to verify and validate your activity data, allowing you to earn tokens or other forms of cryptocurrency as a result of your walking efforts.

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