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Derby Stars: Revolutionizing Horse Racing in the Metaverse

derby starts review

Get ready to race into the world of Derby Stars, where the virtual sun never sets on the thrill of the track. This ain’t your average P2E (play-to-earn) game – it’s a horse racing metaverse extravaganza, and it’s got the digital realm buzzing like a swarm of bees in a blossoming meadow. Hold onto your cowboy hats, because we’re about to gallop through the ins and outs of this game that’s hotter than a two-dollar pistol.

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Strong Sides of Derby Stars

In the digital stables of Derby Stars, we’re kicking up dust and setting a new pace for play-to-earn games. Let’s round up the reasons why Derby Stars is the Mustang to watch:

  • Kickass Community: With over 40k Discord members and 68.8k Twitter followers, Derby Stars has a posse of players that would make even the Lone Ranger feel less lonely. Furthermore, the game had minted and distributed about 10,000 origin horses to over 3,000 unique holders, indicating a broad distribution of game assets among players​. This distribution could further encourage player engagement and investment in the game. Furthermore, the team behind Derby Stars is keen on gathering feedback from the community, and they have used their Early Access period to get as much input from users as possible before the release of the alpha version. This indicates a commitment to community involvement and continuous improvement.
  • Breeding Brilliance: Get your hands dirty with some good old-fashioned horse breeding, with each new generation inheriting traits from their proud parents.
  • Play-to-Earn Paradise: With rewards in the form of $RUN governance tokens and $CRT utility tokens, playing Derby Stars is more fruitful than a peach orchard in high summer.
  • Funding Frenzy: Derby Stars ain’t just whistling Dixie. The game has raised quite a lot from a number of Investment funds and Angels. On top of that, these guys have a lot of support from Polygon.

Key Features

Whip out those binoculars and tighten your grip on the reins, ’cause Derby Stars is about to take you for a wild ride! This ain’t just about thundering hooves on a dirt track, folks. Get ready to feast your eyes on these phenomenal facets:

  • NFT Horses: These digital darlings are as unique as a snowflake in Texas, with characteristics and racing records permanently etched on-chain.
  • Land Ownership: Put down roots in the metaverse as a land-owning rancher, and watch your virtual fortune flourish.
  • Jockey Avatars: Every player gets their own horse-riding jockey avatar – your trusty sidekick on this wild frontier.
  • Breeding System: Like a master blacksmith forging a horseshoe, you can breed your horses to create unique offspring.
  • Racing: Test your mettle (and your metal) in player-vs-player competitions and race tournaments, and earn sweet rewards for your prowess.


From an investment standpoint, Derby Stars has significant backing. The development team raised $6 million in a seed round co-led by Patron and Galaxy Interactive, top-tier venture capital firms that support innovative ventures in the interactive space​. Other horse lovers to have joined the round are:

  • Hashed
  • Animoca Brands
  • Signum Capital
  • Longhash
  • Stratos Technologies
  • Genesis Block Ventures

Challenges Facing the Project

Alright, let’s not get carried away by the tidal wave of hype here. We gotta be real and confront the elephant in the room: 

  • Derby Stars is still a young gun, a newbie in the world of NFT gaming. It’s just starting to find its feet, with its alpha version yet to hit the market as of early 2023. What does that mean? Well, it could face unexpected technical glitches, hiccups, or radical changes that could give the players a bad hair day​​.
  • Walking on Eggshells: Like its play-to-earn siblings, Derby Stars is walking on a tightrope. It could feel the heat of regulatory watchdogs or shifts in the legal landscape that could throw a wrench in its operations. And let’s not forget, the game’s got its skin in the game of NFTs and cryptocurrencies. That means it’s dancing with the wild swings and roundabouts of these digital assets. So, buckle up and brace for a rollercoaster ride!

Our Take

Despite the challenges, Derby Stars remains a promising project. Its unique features, strong community, and significant financial backing position it as a potential leader in the P2E gaming space.

With its recent migration to the Polygon blockchain, Derby Stars is poised to leverage the scalability and low-cost transactions offered by Polygon, further enhancing the gaming experience for its users​​. Moreover, the large existing community on Polygon can definitely add more horse lovers into the game!

In the wild west of NFT gaming, it’s all about breaking new ground and giving the gamers a time to remember. Derby Stars is gunning for just that. It’s not just a game, it’s a promise of something fresh and exciting. So, as we eagerly wait for the grand opening, keep your eyes peeled for Derby Stars – it’s a rising star in the NFT universe!

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