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Banger Games Review

banger games review

This high-energy tech startup is about to shake things up in the play-to-earn gaming sector of Web3. Their ambitious plan? To engineer a hub that showers rewards for in-game and community activity across a myriad of platforms, games, and publishers. Their focus is on catering to individual gamers’ styles, all while laying the groundwork for a shared economy and its very own currency for gamers.

Total Score

Strong sides 

  • Combining Blockchain and Gaming: Banger Games is right at the meeting point of blockchain technology and gaming, two exciting and fast-growing fields. This mix could lead to new gaming experiences, like truly owning in-game items, being sure that rare items are indeed rare, and the chance to earn real-world rewards through gameplay.
  • A Skilled Team: Banger Games is backed by a team with a wide range of skills in gaming, marketing, and operations. This blend could lead to a product that’s both technologically advanced and easy to use.
  • Strong Support: Banger Games has attracted support from a variety of investors and partners. This could provide the resources and advice they need to grow and succeed in the competitive gaming industry.
  • A Growing Market: With the rise of NFTs and crypto-gaming, Banger Games could tap into a large and growing market of tech-savvy gamers who are excited about the potential of blockchain technology.

Key features planned

Banger Games is cookin’ up a wild gaming hub. Their goal? Give you the power, the income, and the chance to express yourself in a gaming community that’s all about the love for the game. Here’s what they plan:

  • Single Game: With the gaming world exploding in all directions like crypto, VR, indie games, and this play-to-earn thing, gamers are feeling like they’ve been left on a different planet. Banger Games is stepping in to be that chill spot in the universe, bringing everything together.
  • Single Currency: They’re also planning this one-for-all currency, breaking down those greedy gaming walls where it’s all about profits and microtransactions. With this shared currency, you can compete, challenge yourself, earn, trade, and just enjoy gaming without the stress.
  • Rethinking the Play-to-Earn Deal: Banger Games is all about making gaming fun again. They’re tackling the play-to-earn model, emphasizing that while earning some dough is cool, the real reason we game is for the thrill of it. They’re pushing for games that make you want to come back for the gameplay, not just the potential loot.
  • Power to the Gamers: They’re all about giving you a say in the future of the game or platform. It’s all in line with this DeFi and Web 3.0 vibe, giving more power and ownership to you, the gamer.
  • SMART Tournaments: Banger Games is also bringing in SMART Tournaments. They’re likely run through smart contracts, making it a secure and transparent way for you to compete and score some rewards.

So, that’s the lowdown on Banger Games. They’re all about making gaming fun, rewarding, and inclusive. Sounds like a wild ride, right?


Alright, let’s dial it down a notch and ease into the vibe of Banger Games’ funding journey. The list of backers is quite impressive, here’s the mellow rundown:

  • MIRAI DAO: These folks hopped aboard during the Venture Round, showcasing their confidence in Banger’s vision.
  • Poolz Finance: They dove right into the Seed Round, eager to be a part of the gaming evolution.
  • GSR: Riding the wave, they brought their support during the Seed Round.
  • Avalanche: No stranger to bold moves, Avalanche joined the party during the Seed Round.
  • Belobaba Fund: With a keen eye for potential, they rolled into the Seed Round.
  • Jaynti Kanani, Polygon Co-Founder: This industry player knew a good thing when he saw it and joined the Seed Round.
  • Oracles Investment Group: Predicting a bright future, they climbed aboard during the Seed Round.
  • Flori Ventures: They flowered into the Seed Round, bringing their growth mindset to the table.
  • Halvings Capital: Splitting their focus didn’t stop them from joining the Seed Round.
  • Squares Capital: Proving they’re not just square, they showed up for the Seed Round.

There you have it, folks. A chill look at the supporters backing Banger Games’ quest to revolutionize the gaming industry. Sit back, relax, and watch this space!

Challenges Facing the Project

  • Size of the Community: Currently, the game boasts a relatively modest community with about 4.5K Discord members and roughly 19K Twitter followers. Monthly visits to the website hover around 5K as per Similarweb data. The majority of the audience is male, with the top geographical areas being Algeria, France, and Spain.
  • Limited Game Availability: At present, Banger Games has only launched in an Alpha version. However, interested individuals can sign up as early members and test the platform. Typically, there are 2-3 tournaments running concurrently, with each tournament accommodating up to 60 players. If gaming is your passion, it’s definitely worth a shot.
  • Transparency Issues: The scant details available about the team’s background and the specifics of their project could pose a challenge. This lack of information might make it difficult for potential partners, investors, or users to assess the company.

Our Take

Banger Games, a burgeoning project in blockchain gaming, boasts impressive support from industry giants like IBM, Microsoft, and Polygon. Despite a modest audience size, the company’s unique platform, innovative technology, and strong partnerships position it as a promising player in the field. Banger Games is poised for potential growth, making it a possible rising star in blockchain gaming.

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