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VulcanVerse: A New Star in the Blockchain Gaming Universe

Explore VulcanVerse, a trailblazing blockchain-based MMORPG, its star-studded team, unique features, strategic partners, and the challenges it faces in the gaming cosmos

A clash of digital titans is underway in the gaming universe, and one star that’s beginning to shine brighter is VulcanVerse, a next-gen fantasy MMORPG with a blockchain twist. But what’s the big deal? Let’s take a deep dive into the celestial mechanics of this promising game with its innovative features and strong community involvement.

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Strong Sides of the VulcanVerse Game

  • Stellar team: including authors Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, known for their work on Fighting Fantasy, and Frank Frazetta, the Godfather of Fantasy Art.
  • Art by Famous Fantasy Artist: The game’s NFTs are designed by Frank Frazetta, a prominent figure in fantasy art. Some of the original artworks are being made into NFTs for the game, providing players with unique and valuable assets, for instance, Frazetta’s “Egyptian Queen” artwork, sold for $5.4 million, is now made into an NFT for the first time under the “Vulcanite” theme.
  • Thrilling community: VulcanVerse boasts a large and active community with over 16,000 members on Discord and approximately 125,000 followers on Twitter.
  • Extreme engagement: various aspects of the game require community’s approval, from content creation to voting on new features, contributes to a sense of player ownership and investment.

Key Features of VulcanVerse Game

From blockchain-based gameplay to player-owned lands, and from star-studded lore to a built-in economy, VulcanVerse is bursting at the seams with features that set it apart in the gaming universe

  • Fantasy MMORPG: VulcanVerse is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game where players can engage in world-building and complete quests
  • Player-owned Land: Players can buy and own pieces of land that they can modify to suit their preference. They can build on their lands and create new buildings, adding functions and producing goods that can be traded in Vulcan City with other players​
  • Lore Written by Renowned Authors: The lore of the game is written by the authors of Fighting Fantasy, Steve Jackson, and Ian Livingstone, giving players an exciting and unique experience. Moreover, there is a trilogy in progress called “The Vulcan Verses” written by award-winning British authors Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson, providing a rich mythology for the game​​.
  • Native Cryptocurrency: Vulcan Forged PYR is the native utility token of the game. Players can use PYR for various functions such as paying marketplace fees, staking of VulcanVerse land and other assets, upgrading game assets, and more​1​.
  • Unique Setting: The game is set in a virtual world that recreates the Greco-Roman era. The central Vulcan City is divided into four quadrants each having unique landmarks: The underworld of Hades, Gardens of Arcadia, Mountains of Boreas, and Deserts of Notus​​.


Vulcan Forged has established partnerships with several entities:

  • AAG Ventures: This partnership involved a deal exceeding $1 million USD, with AAG Ventures purchasing plots of VulcanVerse land and $PYR. The partnership aims for data sharing between both companies to strengthen their products. AAG Ventures will also organize special Berserk tournaments, making it a significant Berserk partner​.
  • Animoca Brands: The partnership sees VulcanVerse integrated into MocaverseNFT, a groundbreaking collaboration between two vibrant communities with more than 100,000 members each​.
  • MetaRing: Owners of MetaRing will gain a permanent 10% XP booster in VulcanVerse for wearing the ring. Holding a MetaRing will also provide preferred whitelist access or increased opportunities to participate in virtual land and other item sales within the VulcanVerse​.

Other really cool partners of the game include Sandbox, Polygon, Blockchain Gaming Alliance, Venley, Spark and Vaival Technologies.

Challenges Facing the Project

  • User Experience: At the moment the website and the game seem a bit difficult to navigate, which may be an obstacle for many users. However, these guys are only in Beta, so let’s see how it changes soon.
  • Regulation: The legal landscape for blockchain games and NFTs is still developing. Changes in regulation could potentially impact the game.
  • Scalability: As the game grows, there may be challenges related to scaling the game and its infrastructure to support more players, more transactions, and more complex gameplay.
  • Security: Given the real-world value associated with NFTs and cryptocurrencies, ensuring the security of players’ assets is a major concern.

Our Take

VulcanVerse is undoubtedly a rising star in the blockchain gaming cosmos. With its intriguing blend of immersive world-building, engaging gameplay, and innovative use of blockchain tech, it’s a game that’s capturing the imagination of players and industry observers alike. And while it faces its fair share of challenges, the game’s strong community, talented development team, and strategic partnerships bode well for its future. So, keep your telescopes trained on VulcanVerse – this is one star that’s set to shine ever brighter.

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