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Dex-Trade Review – Will It Win The Market?

dex trade review

Choosing a centralized exchange or cryptocurrency platform is one of the most challenging decisions all cryptocurrency investors must make. There are a lot of excellent exchanges that can help you achieve your profit goals, and they are all efficient. 

But how can you choose which one is best for you? In this post, we’ll talk about the Dex-trade exchange and its pros and cons.

An Introduction to Dex-Trade Exchange

2017 marked the beginning of the centralized cryptocurrency exchange known as Dex-Trade. This is a modern space for trading, and it is risk-free, comfortable, and with low commission rates. Dex-Trade is a versatile crypto exchange that caters to new and experienced traders. 

You can trade efficiently with orders of any volume since the spread is kept to a minimum, and the order books have a high level of liquidity. In addition to global prospects, the exchange allows users to practice their trading methods in a risk-free environment by providing a demo trading mode. Moreover, it offers consumers access to a specialized support team available online around the clock to answer any queries they may have.

Dex Trade Pros And Cons 

Dex-Trade offers support for technical issues 24/7. It has a mobile application and a sophisticated trading terminal. You get multiple language support. There’s an opportunity to obtain free coins and tournaments for traders to participate.

The mobile application can be downloaded directly from the website, Google Play, and App Store. Because the platform for exchanging currency is built according to a standard template, customers save time looking for information. Every day, new information and statistics are added to traded assets.

The lack of fiat currency and the fact that many functionalities are still in the testing phase, therefore, are two of the criticisms that have been thrown against the exchange.

High level of securityNo fiat accounts
A large number of tradable currency pairs
No fiat currency deposit/withdrawal capability
Demo account
High liquidity
Multi-language 24/7 support

Coin Pairs

At this time, 233 trading pairs and 108 different coins may be traded on the exchange. They offer 277 markets, with BTC/USDT, BUSD/USDT, and ETH/USDT being the most popular markets (trading pairs) among those markets.


We can’t say enough how important it is to always check the trading fees at the exchange you want to use. Every trade involves two people: the maker, whose order is already on the order book, and the taker, whose order matches (or “takes”) the maker’s order. Makers add to the market’s liquidity, and takers take it away by matching makers’ orders with their own.

crypto exchange review

Takers have to pay 0.20% to use Dex-Trade. But makers only pay half of that or 0.10%. These prices are fair and in line with the averages for the industry.

Payment Methods, Deposits, and Verification

Dex-trade doesn’t take wire transfers of fiat currency. You can’t put in the Euro, the Pound, or any other fiat currency. In any case, the exchange is an “entry-level exchange,” which means new crypto traders can use this platform to get their feet in the crypto world. But you can’t deposit with a credit card.

Sign-Up Process

The procedure of registering and activating your account with Dex-Trade is straightforward. All that is required of you is to submit your email address and password, and after that, you must activate your email account by clicking the link that was delivered to your inbox. The entire operation takes only two minutes to complete.

dex trade review

Before using any of the services, you will first need to complete registration and then enable two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA.

How to Buy on Dex-trade

Setting up your trade account on Dex-Trade is only a matter of a few clicks. Sign up, activate 2FA, pass KYC and all necessary security procedures, and start trading. As already said, Dex-Trade offers a variety of coin pairs to opt for, so you can also be the first to find the next crypto gem.

Demo Trading

One of the primary reasons for Dex-Trade’s success and phenomenal expansion in the industry is that this crypto trading platform provides customers with a wide range of products to choose from. 

Demo Trading is an excellent tool for people just starting since it provides them with virtual money that they can use to play around with the platform and become familiar with its many functions. Without putting your own money at risk, you can better understand trading on Dex-Trade with the help of this tool.

If you are a beginner, you can easily understand the basics of any exchange and how crypto exchanges work. It will help you to start your trading career from scratch. Not just that, you can also try margin trading and many other functions like spot trading and quick exchange.

Who Should Choose Dex-Trade?

If you are interested in spot trading, you should look at Dex-Trade. You can participate in the top coin markets using Dex-super Trade’s dynamic cryptocurrency trading terminal, which features an intuitive user interface.

Demo Trading is an incredible resource made available by Dex-trade, and it is highly recommended that newcomers to the trading area take advantage of it. Its purpose is to inform users and help them start trading cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

Is Dex-Trade Safe?

Dex-trade is perfectly safe to trade. The cryptocurrency exchange was ranked multiple times among the top 50 best organizations in the last five years. Currently, it’s ranked #17 on the Coingecko and ranked #96 on Coinmarketcap.

Its native coin, DXC allows you to compete in trading tournaments, receive training, and play games. Since 2017, the company has been in business, expanding its offerings and creating new prospects for traders. The United Kingdom serves as the location of the primary office.


There is no doubt that Dex-Trade is an excellent and trustworthy platform suitable for traders of all experience levels. The trading interface, product offers, customer support, and security features are very high caliber. 

Dex-Trade supports over two hundred different trading pairs, and the development team always works hard to introduce more coins. Dex-Trade has added a variety of security measures, such as the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) method and multi-factor authentication, to assist its users in better protecting the funds they have in their accounts.

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