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The world’s first Web3 console plagiarizes Nintendo

polium web3 game console

In a recent announcement, Polium introduced a Web3 online gaming console. This will be the first gaming console that connects to multiple blockchains, allowing players to get involved in games that are built on and for blockchains. 

In addition to its ability to run high-performance games, the Polium One is designed to be easy to use for the “conventional gamer,” who does not even comprehend Web3. The gaming console is expected to be released in Q3 of 2024. By September 2024 at the latest, but no later than two years from now. 

The Polium Pass, which is an NFT collection released on Ethereum with a limited print run of 10,000 copies, can only be used to pre-order the console.

Features of Polium Web3 kick

Polium says that the controller will come with a Web3 wallet button for accessing wallets connected to different chains. According to the company, the console will also have a fingerprint scanner. For security, obviously!

According to Polium, only four employees currently work on the hardware, which will support ray tracing, HDR, and 8K resolution. Additionally, 120 frames per second frame rate is mentioned as part of the controllers’ features.

The crowd reacts

After the announcement, the NFT and crypto enthusiasts didn’t look enthusiastic and started criticizing the new logo of the console. Some users noted similarities between the GameCube logo and the logo used on the Polium console. 

Among their differences, the GameCube logo contains the letter G, which represents the company name, while the Polium logo contains the letter P.

Additionally, there are a number of negative comments on the Discord server of the company. We also saw comments like “give up” in the ideas and comments channel, along with the entire project being called an NFT fraud by some users.

Polium’s comeback

In a Discord conversation, Polium said they had received FUD and criticism mainly for the company’s ability to execute on the promises. 

According to the company, whether it is hardware or software development, they have all the experience tey need, to develop such an innovative product, and the power tree for the console’s board is just about to be completed. 

The company also added, “A reputable influencer will show you the prototype on YouTube or live stream it on YouTube. A prototype will demonstrate how games can be created using a variety of programming languages and run on multiple blockchains. The prototype has not been demonstrated yet, so we will not accept pre-orders or financing until we know whether the community is interested in it. After we have developed a working prototype, we will construct the console for production.” 

The statement by Polium reads, “We will make some announcements shortly about the games on the system.” However, there are no confirmed games, and no details have been given. Our conversation with game creators is currently underway.

In response to concerns about the similarities between the logos, the company said, “The logo is not a copy of Nintendo’s GameCube logo. However, we will work with a new illustrator to develop a more creative logo for the company in response to community feedback.”

What Next?

In a conclusion of the keyboard war, the company stated, “We will begin banning specific individuals who are not passionate about Web 3. Our hopes is that Polium will stand strong through the never ending waves of FUD, and come out with a great product that will get traction. After all, only by introducing new products, and increasing the breadth of audience type’ coverage, does Web3 have a chance to evolve into something we all go to on daily basis. 

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