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5 Web3 Games You Don’t Want To Miss This October

October has ushered in a fresh wave of excitement in the NFT gaming world, with several new games making their debut and some stepping into the beta phase. These games, despite being in their initial stages, have managed to carve out a significant presence in the gaming community. Let’s delve into the top 5 NFT (Web3) games that have just launched this month, offering players a blend of fun, strategy, and lucrative NFT trading opportunities.

TOP Web3 Game to Play – October 2023

My Pet Hooligan

Launch Date: Early October

Developed by: Epic Games

Main Partners: Amazon Prime

Pet Hooligan just popped up on Epic Games with its public early access and it’s all the rage. Imagine a world where you and your Hooligan (a super cool digital pet) take on battles against others and the formidable ZuckCorp, all while enjoying the perks of blockchain and AI. And guess what? Linking up with Amazon Prime Gaming not only gets you some legendary cosmetic items but also promises more goodies in the upcoming monthly drops. So, gear up for a gaming experience that’s as fresh as it is rewarding!

Gameplay and Description: My Pet Hooligan introduces players to a whimsical world where they can adopt, raise, and train their own digital pets, known as Hooligans. Each Hooligan is a unique NFT, possessing distinct traits and abilities. Players navigate through various adventures, battles, and challenges, enhancing their pets’ skills and unlocking new features. The game intertwines playful scenarios with strategic elements, as players can breed, trade, and sell their Hooligans in the NFT marketplace, exploring a vibrant economy within the game.

TOP-10 Move-to-Earn Apps/Games to Play

BR1: Infinite

Launch Date: Oct 15

Developed by: Bravo Ready

Main Partners: Solana Ventures, Fractal

BR1: Infinite is rolling out some major gameplay updates that are sure to get shooter fans buzzing. Introducing ‘Pay-to-Spawn’ and ‘Kill-to-Earn’, this game is not just about your combat skills but also your strategic moves. Pay up to spawn on a massive map and earn rewards with every opponent you take down. And with the new update, you can use any Operative from your digital wallet, with payouts in both USDC and Solana. To get a slice of the action in the closed beta, head to their website and sign up. Linking your BR1: Operatives (NFTs) might even get you priority access!

Gameplay and Description: BR1: Infinite propels players into a futuristic universe, where they become commanders of robotic warriors, embarking on a journey through diverse galaxies. The game employs a play-to-earn model, enabling players to collect, trade, and battle using their NFT-based robots. The robots, each having unique attributes and powers, can be upgraded and customized, providing a multifaceted gaming experience that blends strategy, exploration, and NFT trading.


Launch Date: early October

Developed by: Aavegotchi

Main Partners: GameSwift, Sandbox

This October, all eyes are on the brand-new Aavegotchi Game Center, your one-stop-shop for everything Aavegotchi. Whether you’re navigating through challenges in Gotchiverse 2D, battling enemies in Gotchi Heroes, or eagerly awaiting upcoming hits like The Sandbox Aavegotchi Experience, there’s always an adventure waiting for you. So, jump in, harvest those Alchemica tokens, and discover a universe of opportunities!

Gameplay and Description: Aavegotchi stands out with its distinctive blend of DeFi and NFT gaming. Players interact with Aavegotchis – ghost-like creatures that are staked with Aave’s interest-generating aTokens. The game revolves around caring for Aavegotchis, participating in mini-games, and exploring the Aavegotchi metaverse. Players can enhance their Aavegotchis by equipping them with wearables and consumables, which are also tokenized as NFTs, thereby creating a dynamic and interactive financial gaming experience.

Do-it-to-Earn: the new era in crypto gaming


Launch Date: Oct 26

Developed by: 22cans

Main Partners: GalaGames

Picture this: building production lines, crafting products, and utilizing your NFTs in-game, thanks to its recent move to the Gala Chain. After a two-year hiatus, NFT land deed holders can finally get in on the action, playing with their lands and bagging daily in-game Gems. And for those without land? The new Legacy Deed Keys might just be your ticket in, though we’re still waiting on those juicy details.

Gameplay and Description: Legacy invites players into a mystical world where they embark on quests, forge alliances, and build their own legacies. Each player creates a legacy, which is an NFT, and this becomes their avatar, evolving and growing through the gameplay. The game incorporates elements of role-playing, strategy, and social interaction, as players navigate through various epochs, uncovering stories, and accumulating wealth, which can be traded in the NFT marketplace.

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Launch Date: Mid-October

Developed by: Members of Minecraft Community

Main Partners: FTS Capital

Formerly known as NFT Worlds, HYTOPIA has reshaped its initial Minecraft association to carve out its own unique platform. It’s aiming high, looking to rival big names like Minecraft and Roblox, but with a special blockchain spin. This October, HYTOPIA is rolling out closed alpha play access, starting with a cozy group of 24 testers and plans to gradually expand. Keep your eyes peeled for regular updates, an upcoming gameplay video, and a deeper dive into the game’s blockchain-powered features as development unfolds.

Gameplay and Description: Hytopia offers a decentralized gaming experience where players build, explore, and govern a virtual world. Players can own land, construct buildings, and create various assets, all tokenized as NFTs, enabling them to have real ownership in the game. Hytopia emphasizes community and collaboration, as players can form guilds, engage in trade, and participate in governance, shaping the future of the Hytopia world.

Final Words:

These newly launched and beta-phase NFT games are not just platforms for entertainment but also avenues where players can explore digital ownership, trade, and investment in a virtual economy.

My Pet Hooligan, BR1: Infinite, Aavegotchi, Legacy, and Hytopia each bring forth unique worlds, gameplay mechanics, and NFT trading opportunities, promising an exciting and rewarding October for NFT gaming enthusiasts.

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