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El Hippo ($HIPP) Soars to New Heights: Investors Still Love Meme Coins

ei hippo

In an exciting development, El Hippo, a new competitor, emerges in the crypto space where meme coins like Dogecoin have previously dominated. The new meme coin sets itself apart with its 1000 holders at its launch, adding to its utility, tokenomics, and community engagement attracting investors to the meme coin phenomenon. 

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All you need to know about El Hippo

Introducing El Hippo, recognized by its symbol $HIPP, which has rapidly gathered attention across prominent cryptocurrency platforms, earning a dedicated following. The surge in popularity goes beyond its catchy name and appealing mascot. The project’s strong token economics, genuine decentralization, dedicated marketing team, and continuously growing community highlight its potential.


El Hippo’s supply details are very attractive, with a substantial 92.1% residing within the Liquidity Pool among its 777 trillion HIPP tokens, ensuring stability and safeguarding. Simultaneously, 6.9% will be stored in a wallet, allowing for centralized listings, bridges, and liquidity pools. 

Investors can trace the supply wallet through elhippo.eth, hippnft.eth, and hippcex.eth. The token’s smart contract is also available to the public for verification.

Diminishing supply mechanism

Similar to renowned coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, El Hippo’s design ensures its scarcity over time. The coin’s blueprint aims to foster price appreciation, ultimately rewarding loyal community participants.

Token utility

$HIPP boasts a well-defined utility that is important in motivating exchange listings, fostering influencer relationships, and financing diverse marketing activities. Notably, the token also maintains a connection with the creation of project-specific NFTs, introducing an additional layer of value.

Community engagement

The significance of a robust community cannot be overstated in the meme coin space. Interested investors can find the El Hippo community on various platforms. For those looking to join the community, El Hippo’s social channels spanning Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and CoinMarketCap, are always active with lively interactions.

Getting started with El Hippo

For those interested and looking to dive into the world of El Hippo, potential investors can purchase the token via Trust Wallet or Metamask.

Trust Wallet

To begin your El Hippo journey, download the Trust Wallet app from either the App Store or Google to begin your cryptocurrency journey Play. Once installed, set up a new wallet and ensure to note down the provided 12-word recovery seed phrase, a crucial safeguard for potential fund recovery. 

Afterward, you can proceed to purchase Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT) using your preferred currency through the app simply by tapping “Buy” and completing the transaction with your debit or credit card. Your acquired funds will then be stored in your Trust Wallet.

Additionally, explore Uniswap by accessing it through Trust Wallet’s DApps explorer. Here, you can engage in token swaps, like converting $HIPP to ETH or USDT. Confirm your swaps, and upon doing so, you’ll officially become a member of the El Hippo gang, completing your trade on Uniswap. Remember to keep your wallet information secure for a seamless and safe experience.

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To begin, visit and install the MetaMask browser extension compatible with Chrome, Edge, Safari, or Brave browsers. Once installed, click “Add Extension” or “Get” (for Edge), then grant the necessary permissions. The MetaMask extension will be added, accessible via the fox icon in your browser’s top right corner. 

After installation, create a new wallet by visiting MetaMask and following prompts to set a secure password and receive a recovery phrase for future account access. Remember to safeguard this phrase. To purchase ETH or USDT, click “Buy” in MetaMask and select the desired cryptocurrency. 

Next, proceed to Uniswap, where you can connect your MetaMask wallet by clicking “Use Uniswap,” and then “Connect to a wallet.” Opt for MetaMask, input your password, and secure. You can then swap $HIPP for ETH or USDT, tailoring the amount as needed.

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The Future of El Hippo

El Hippo is not just another fleeting project looking for fifteen minutes of fame. The project’s long-term vision and strategy to use the token to foster growth and reward community loyalty cements its potential to be mainstream in the meme coin space.

Its roadmap highlights some promising milestones, from its initial launch to DEX listings, attracting over 1000 holders, and forming the El Hippo Oasis community on Discord. Phase 2 sees CEX listings, a holder surge to 10,000+, strategic partnerships, and community rewards. 

Phase 3 introduces the El Hippo Post newsletter, an Academy, 100,000+ holders, and El Hippo merch. Phase 4 becomes monumental with the El Hippo NFT collection, tier 1 exchange listings, 1,000,000+ holders, and the realization of the “El Hippo world order.” 

Final thoughts

The cryptocurrency world is unpredictable, with new tokens emerging daily. El Hippo uniquely positions itself by blending robust tokenomics, community-centric approaches, and visionary growth plans. As El Hippo continues its rise, it attracts crypto enthusiasts and investors to join the journey. 

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