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TOP-15 NFT Collections Listed By Sales Volume (All Time)

Oh, isn’t it just delightful how the NFT enthusiasts and aficionados engage in this captivating dance of metrics to gauge the worth of their digital treasures? Such a grand display of intellect, wit, and sophistication!

Behold, the illustrious non-fungible token (NFT) project leads, collectors, traders, and investors as they indulge in their epic quest for the holy grail of value assessment! Armed with their calculators and spreadsheets, they meticulously decipher the cryptic codes of blue-chip assets and ponder over the cryptic prophecies of future ROI.

Truly, it warms the heart to witness the virtuoso investors, collectors, and projects deftly navigating these uncharted waters, basing their decisions on such hallowed metrics. Verily, one can’t help but marvel at the grandeur of the digital age, where the intangible becomes the tangible, and fortunes are made with a mere click of a button.

So, let us raise our virtual glasses to these valiant souls embarking on their NFT odyssey, for theirs is a journey paved with art, technology, and a sprinkle of ironic charm. May the NFT volume traded forever echo through the annals of history as a testament to their profound wisdom and boundless enthusiasm!

What is Volume in NFTs?

NFT volume trade refers to the total number of completed trades within a specific time period for a single NFT collection or across the Ethereum network.

For instance, if Doodles NFT merrily switches hands 1,000 times in a mere hour, then its hourly traded volume would joyfully stand at 1,000. In essence, this metric encapsulates all the successful sales of the NFT, painting a vivid picture of its popularity and movement within the digital realm.

In the enchanting world of NFT marketplaces, this mystical number is proudly displayed for all to see. Whether you seek to explore the fortunes of a single NFT or uncover the grand symphony of a complete collection comprising 10,000 unique NFTs, the trading volume metric shall reveal the secrets of their vibrant existence.

Top NFT Collections by Sales Volume

Est. Market CapFloor PriceAvg. PriceSalesAssetsOwnersOwners%
1Terraforms Ethereum4,535,177.87 ETH17,872.69 ETH1.66 ETH140.75 ETH32,2229,9101,96119.79 %
2Meebits Ethereum3,676,479.29 ETH23,838 ETH1.1797 ETH69.72 ETH52,73320,0006,57932.9 %
3BoredApeYachtClub Ethereum1,522,459.73 ETH321,820 ETH32.49 ETH36.75 ETH41,42810,0005,57955.79 %
4Dreadfulz Ethereum1,139,067.84 ETH107.32 ETH0.0115 ETH61.68 ETH18,4677,7771,65621.29 %
5CryptoPunks Ethereum1,135,168.07 ETH780,157 ETH54 ETH48.53 ETH23,39110,0003,69536.95 %
6MutantApeYachtClub Ethereum1,090,299.83 ETH115,553.5 ETH5.7 ETH12.98 ETH83,97019,48111,41158.58 %
7dotdotdot Ethereum968,792.28 ETH112.5 ETH0.0299 ETH72.07 ETH13,4424,8702,53051.95 %
8More Loot Ethereum964,369.16 ETH474.03 ETH0.0034 ETH112.06 ETH8,606135,43825,27318.66 %
9Azuki Ethereum750,773.66 ETH51,954 ETH5.2488 ETH11.49 ETH65,35410,0004,36043.6 %
10Otherdeed Ethereum728,264.82 ETH88,200 ETH0.592 ETH3.5666 ETH204,189100,00017,75217.75 %
11Hashes Ethereum565,493.98 ETH16.26 ETH0.005 ETH476.81 ETH1,1864,0652,21254.42 %
12OpenSea Shared Storefront Ethereum445,030.46 ETH798,763.71 ETH0.02 ETH0.1833 ETH2,427,2592,079,031715,77734.43 %
13CloneX Ethereum432,832.55 ETH37,650.58 ETH1.7 ETH7.7988 ETH55,50019,5019,47448.58 %
14Art BlocksEthereum426,608.35 ETH551,540.67 ETH0.0896 ETH1.9951 ETH213,824197,61437,74419.1 %
15Moonbirds Ethereum361,398.72 ETH17,167 ETH1.849 ETH9.406 ETH38,42210,0006,35063.5 %
Statistics was taken from Coinmarketcap

What is the average NFT sales?

More than a third of all NFT sales grace the marketplace with their presence at prices below the humble threshold of $100. A majestic majority, comprising 53.6% of NFTs, find their new homes for a still modest sum of less than $200. According to research, the average price of these mesmerizing NFTs was a mere $150 apiece during the enchanting days of Q3 2022.

What does high volume mean in NFT?

High volume signifies a bustling and active market for a particular NFT collection. It indicates that a significant number of transactions have taken place within a specific period, reflecting the level of interest and engagement among buyers and sellers.

For NFT enthusiasts volume is a key metric that measures the total number of units from a collection that have changed hands during the designated timeframe. Each transaction involves the buying and selling of an NFT, and the collective sum of these transactions contributes to the overall volume.

A high volume, therefore, suggests a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem where NFTs are frequently being bought and sold, showcasing a healthy level of demand and activity within that particular NFT market. This can be seen as a positive sign for the popularity and potential value of the NFT collection, as more transactions often indicate increased interest and engagement from the community of collectors, traders, and investors.

Which NFT has the highest trading volume?

Among the bustling NFT market, Ethereum (ETH) retains its prominent position with the highest trading volume. However, interestingly, other blockchains like Solana and Polygon boast a greater number of NFT sales, with 26.9% of transactions occurring on Polygon and 13% on Solana, as reported by DappRadar.

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