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Qantas to release its own utility NFT collection

qantas nft collection
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  1. Qantas NFT utility

Qantas is a new entrant into the industry of non-fungible tokens and is set to become an NFT brand. The airline dates back to more than 100 years and it is the airline’s flexibility to constantly transform with time, that helped to keep the company alive.

The airline company aims to join the ranks of other early entrants into the industry like Adidas. Yes, other big names like Coca-Cola are also on the bandwagon already, but what makes Qantas different is the token utility. 

Since its inception, Qantas has stood tall on three pillars namely Delivering Today, Looking Ahead, and Acting Responsibly. The focus has always been on optimizing the value for stakeholders while creating opportunities for its people and amazing experiences for customers.

Qantas NFT utility

The soon-to-be-released NFT collection has been teased by Qantas on their website. The airline has announced that it will be a collection of its memorabilia.

Just like every other NFT collection, Qantas will also rely on blockchain technology. It will ensure that all the pieces of its non-fungible tokens are unique and that they can be bought, owned, collected, & sold easily in the NFT marketplace.

Qantas has already made its NFT offering unique by deciding to reward the first buyer of Qantas NFT with a Qantas Point. This is the first-ever incident where an NFT holder is getting the opportunity to immediately earn a redeemable value on his or her purchase of a non-fungible token.

The airline is working to offer more benefits and rewards to its NFT holders in the future

NFT releases have always attracted attention due to the high consumption of energy throughout the process. In the case of Qantas, the airline has announced on its website that its NFT release will be on platforms with low-carbon usage and carbon offsetting. The release will additionally ensure that there is net-zero emission in the process.

Non-fungible tokens have always been tipped in the manner of supporting a local artist from any part of the world. The entry of Qantas signifies that NFTs have the capability to expand the horizon of the industry. 

Anyone who buys Qantas NFT automatically becomes an investor in the brand. The holder is expected to gain special access to many exclusive services and products of Qantas in the future.

Bored Ape Yacht Club, for example, started only with a chat room and a graffiti board. Later, it went on to invite its holders for social events and even for an actual yacht party. The collection has made a stir more than a few times, due to Opensea hacks and by being celebrities’ favourite. And still, it stays strong, especially with the recent announcement that its founding Yuga Labs has acquired Cryptopunks and Meebits.

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