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Chainers Review – Free-To-Play NFT Game For Degens

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New free-to-play NFT game Chainers has enjoyed a great start to life in the metaverse following its offer of daily free NFTs for all players. Chainers players have been picking up their free digital gifts and using them to explore the diverse and expansive Chainers metaverse world, customizing their characters, homes, surroundings and more! Many blockchain games to date have been underwhelming, with a high-cost threshold and with transaction fees, plus lengthy development time before the game is actually playable. Chainers is different – the project is very far down the runway, with players already playing and enjoying the game every day, while the concept of cost-free signup and free NFTs is encouraging thousands more players to try it out.

Chainers is a browser-based metaverse NFT game powered by Polygon that aims to provide players with a fully immersive gaming experience with no requirement to download anything. The free-to-start game is based on player ownership and focuses on creating a sustainable creative economy while providing endless customization possibilities. Typically, metaverse games struggle in their early stages because there is no community to help build the ecosystem. Chainers is different, with more than 50,000 artists, musicians, designers and developers already helping to build the Chainers universe together, with users showing unbounded creativity and great collaborative efforts.

Chainers announced a free NFT distribution campaign

To promote the platform’s official launch, Chainers is running a free NFT campaign that gives community members access to limited edition NFTs on the Chainers website and through social media channels. Every Chainers Hero NFT is a playable character in the demonstration version currently on offer, and will be playable in the final full release, with all collected NFTs also being transferable. This gives early players a big advantage when it comes to the full game deployment, not only in the game itself but also in the marketplace – these free NFTs could prove very valuable when the game is well established and certain NFTs are highly sought after.

Chainers players start the game with a basic Chainers Hero and are gifted two random NFTs to start them off. Then, by simply entering the website, they are rewarded with a free NFT every day –  one day they might get a t-shirt, the next day a funny hat. There are more than 1,000 unique NFT items to be collected, as well as 15 Chainer races to discover.

There are also 100+ levels of NFT progression, so the fun and exploration never stops. The Chainers team will also provide an Augmented Reality (AR) mode for each NFT, allowing players to interact with their NFT Heros and create a wealth of user-generated content.

The Chainers ecosystem offers several key features, including free-to-play massively multiplayer online (MMO) games that can be accessed from any browser without the need for downloads, immersive and engaging gameplay and mechanics that allow players to monetize their participation in the metaverse. These games allow thousands of players to access and play in the same virtual world simultaneously, featuring engaging storylines and advanced customization options. Chainers also shares a significant portion of the platform’s revenue with the community, allowing the project to work towards a more decentralised gaming space.

How do I Get Started?

Getting started with Chainers is easy – simply head to the website, sign up and you’ll receive your free Chainer and introductory NFTs. Then you can check out your plot of land, start gathering resources and make a home for yourself (and your Chainer!). Once you’ve spent a little time in the Chainers universe, getting around will be child’s play, and soon you’ll be mixing with other Chainers, swapping gossip, and perhaps trading items on the exchange!

There’s a great reason to start your Chainers adventure today – the team is running a free NFT campaign that rewards new players with exclusive access to limited edition NFTs, in addition to their free starter NFTs. Getting hold of a free daily Chainers NFT is ridiculously easy – all new players have to do is enter the website on a daily basis and they will be rewarded with something special for their Chainer. 

Chainers Promises to Break the Mould

Having addressed the issues that have plagued blockchain games to date, and managed to create a world where NFTs play a crucial role in the playability and growth of the platform, the Chainers team may have struck gold. With a full launch coming in 2023, there’s every chance these pixelated pretenders could turn out to be the genuine article.

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