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‘’FatLandClub: The Metaverse of Opportunity’’

With the talk of the Metaverse hitting the headlines everywhere, everyone is getting excited about the prospect of experiencing and inhabiting digital worlds. The FatLandClub NFTs are about to take the NFT world by storm, and we are not just talking about their size. In creating this fun and enormous club, the team behind this unique project is looking to not only build a familiar ecosystem but one bolstered by interesting lore, fantastic in-store products, prizes, virtual events, and so much more.

Let’s dive a little deeper into FatLandClub’s exciting ecosystem.

What is the FatLandClub?

FatLand is a collection of 10,000 NFTs inhabiting the Ethereum Network featuring more than 400 visual features of different rarities. FatLand’s hand-drawn avatars include suits, hats, colorful hairstyles, x-ray glasses, and many other crazy features. The collection also includes heads with different skin tones, 50 celebrities, and of course, a lot of junk food.

There’s every possibility that people will identify with their favorite celebrity or junk food from the lineup, which will bring even more attention to this unique project. We can already see sneak peaks of featured artwork on their Twitter page

What’s more, there’s interesting lore behind the FatLandClub that nicely complements the world that the team has created, which can be found in the whitepaper:

“The FatLand is a civilization on Earth in a futuristic multiverse. In the year 3022, the earth is very deteriorated, and thanks to their technology they have decided to travel through the multiverse by opening a multidimensional hole. Fascinated by this new adventure, 10,000 inhabitants of FatLand are ready for the journey. And they will do it in 2 visits, first about 3000 will come, corresponding to the 1st stage. And then the remaining 7,000 will arrive, corresponding to the 2nd stage. It is said that once the first 10,000 arrive, then much more of their population will be sent to form their own metaverse.”

The Fatland Club Roadmap

The FatLand roadmap is a refreshingly promising one. There’s so much innovation happening that stretches into the world of P2E gaming and the metaverse. FatLand collectors will be the first to participate in all the activities and events that are coming.

  • After successfully onboarding the 10,000 FatNFTs, the FatLand Store will launch with different merchandise, garments, and accessories that’ll only create more rewards for the FatLand community.
  • Then they’ll tap into the new and evolving world of digital identity for community engagement and fun via exclusive online events and video calls. 
  • The Fatcoin currency will then be introduced to prepare for and serve an important utility in the upcoming metaverse and P2E gaming ecosystem of the FatLandClub.
  • Fat City, the metaverse, will be the next destination of 10,000 avatars as they are transformed into 3D avatars. The 3D Fat avatars will be able to conquer lands and compete in Fat City with the launch of P2E gaming, which will feature different arcade games.
  • Lastly comes FatLandClub 2.0, where the FatNFTs will expose their owners to different rewards in royalties, proceeds, and profit sharing, all from their glutenous NFT.

Join early, gain an edge

Users that join the FatLandClub early can gain a huge head start. FatLand has a Discord where everyone is welcome to participate, collaborate, and contribute ideas about the project and its development. 

Official announcements about Minting dates, Airdrops, and other events will be made within the Club.

They also have a private club, exclusively for collectors, where they can interact directly with other owners, vote on community proposals, and be the first to know about releases.

All in all, FatLandClub is aiming to create an exclusive club of fattiest a project to keep an eye on this year. Make sure to follow them on Twitter and join their Telegram & Discord server to for updates. Alternatively, you can also follow them on Instagram.

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