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A complete guide to Consensus 2022 by CoinDesk

With the current increased pace of blockchain adoption, we have all become quite accustomed to how many industry-related events pop up daily all across the globe. Still, it is not often for industry-defining events to happen and by luck, there is one just around the corner. 

Yes, we are talking about CoinDesk’s own Consensus 2022, and in this guide, we will try to cover everything that will be happening at the event, so you don’t miss a beat. It is righteously considered the main blockchain event of the year, as it is where the direction of the industry’s future development is discussed, planned and set. 

As you can imagine, the June of 2022 promises to be quite an exciting feat, and we made sure that you are part of it. Stay tuned, as we give away two free tickets to Consensus 2022, the Austin, Texas edition.

Consensus 2022 vs NFT, Web3 and Metaverses

The 2022 Consensus festival is a showcase and celebration of all that crypto has to offer. Thousands of the world’s brightest minds and impactful voices will take over Austin, June 9-12 – and expect to see events and parties in the days before and after!

As NFTs and metaverse tech grow in popularity, it would have been plainly wrong for Consensus organizers not to include it in the festival’s agenda. Fancy an idea of the scale of it all? Well, some of the speakers that are all so very well known to us are:

  • Sam Bankman-Fried (CEO of FTX). This one of the fastest developing crypto exchanges has integrated an NFT marketplace, available to all of its users.
  • Chanpeng Zhao (CEO of Binance). Just like FTX, Binance too has implemented an NFT marketplace, whilst the exchange itself has quite an in-depth set of guides on NFT and metaverse tech and key players.
  • Dan Schulman (CEO of Paypal). The payments platform serves as a point of entrance for millions of people across the world looking to buy NFTs and crypto.
  • Edward Snowden. Surprise surprise!
  • Punk6529. 
  • Jason Brink (Founder of Gala Games). A marketplace for GameFi related NFTs.
  • Tyler Hobbs. Those who are interested in NFTs because of art, have surely heard of Tyler and his mind-bending artwork.
  • Avery Akkinen (President of VaynerNFT). VaynerNFT presence in the industry is hard to miss and we are keen to see what’s next for the VaynerNFT team.
  • Bill Tai (Founder of Metagood). One of the only firms that create social impact with the power of NFTs.
  • Charles Smith (Nyft Studios).
  • and many more…

Digging Deeper Into Consensus 2022

Okay, so the lineup requires no further introduction and the names mentioned above are just an intro to others, who will also be part of the Consensus 2022 action. The festival is set to feature speakers, parties, networking and shows, where new and established names in the NFT, metaverse and GameFi industries will show off their latest developments. These spaces will be split into zones, which we will now go over, so you know exactly where to spend your time.

Metaverse Zone

With a 6,000 square foot space in the heart of the Austin Convention Center, the Metaverse Zone will focus on content and conversations about the emergence of virtual worlds and economies. The Metaverse Zone will be open on Friday, June 10, and Saturday, June 11. In addition, the Metaverse Zone will feature demos from some of the hottest metaverse experiences in the space, as well as a stage for metaverse discussions. There will be dedicated areas on metaverse fashion and real estate. Virtual reality (VR) headsets will be provided so attendees can access various virtual experiences.

A visual immersion into the future of art, community and commerce on the blockchain. Consensus will bring the massively creative world of non-fungible tokens to life via a physical/digital location that will showcase not only the creative artists in the space but will educate those looking to get more involved on the dev, culture, and marketing side of NFTs. Hosted at the Copper Tank and in partnership with Filecoin, the venue is one block away from the Austin Convention Center.

Sport Court

Sports and crypto are a perfect match. From large multi-year deals with teams, leagues and stadiums to new platforms for collectibles, some of the most noted athletes and brands in the world are betting big on crypto. The Consensus SportCourt, presented by Chain, will be the center of the action for conversations, panels, games, contests, tournaments and much more for anyone wanting to get into the game.

Make sure you pay this one a visit because if you follow NFTandGameFi closely, NFTs and professional sports go hand in hand, with the latter playing a critical role in the adoption of the non-fungible tokens we all adore and love.

consensus 2022 austin coindesk

DAO House

The DAO House presented by Binance will feature space to network and learn about the emerging world of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO)s. The DAO House will feature sessions with some of the most dynamic communities and builders in the space and the location will be used for select DAOs and their communities to meet and connect in members-only events.

Consensus 2022 Is About Music

Remember how earlier we mentioned the parties? Sorry if it is what you had to wait for but the lineup of this year’s Consensus will definitely make up for it. The OGs of this world are in for a treat because… mic drop… 

  • Method Man & Redman
  • Disclosure
  • Bob Moses
  • Mariah Hill and Neil Frances
  • Durand Jones and The Indications

Each night will feature music at one of Austin’s iconic venues, with Pro Pass holders having priority admission.

Tickets and Passes

Big events like Consensus are known to be sold out a long time before attendees start to fly in. At the time of writing, all Pro passes are sold but you still have a chance to grab one of the alternative ticket versions, which can be found here

If by chance you are late to the party and all tickets are gone, we have good news for you. NFTandGameFi has teamed up with Consensus 2022 to give away 2 General Admission tickets to our amazing community. In order to take part in the Consensus 2022 ticket giveaway, subscribe to NFTandGameFi and CoinDesk’s all social media handles (see below) and our newsletter. Once you do that and the draw is over, we will send over tickets to the two lucky winners! 

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