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Netflix’s Stranger Things NFTs met with backlash from fans

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  1. The turnout

Netflix has teamed up with Candy Digital’s NFT platform to create a new “Stranger Things” mini-game in which players need to solve puzzles to collect NFTs of the show’s stars. There are, however, some dissatisfied admirers.

A “Stranger Things” NFT is a token that represents ownership of one of five digital posters that exist on Candy Digital’s Palm blockchain. In April, Netflix teased its NFT relationship with a secret hint in its original series’s Season 4 trailer. Today, the games and the NFT collection are out, but users are not happy with the platform’s performance and apparently don’t even want NFTs to be part of the picture. 

The turnout

Around 4,700 gamers earned a free NFT poster by playing a game involving a virtual “Stranger Things” lab last week. Millie Bobby Brown plays the show’s main character, XI.

In recent weeks, the site has added several new mini-games. For example, for users to acquire any of the four NFTs that feature the Stranger Things 4 famous characters, they will have to play a game and answer the “I am Hell’s Master” questions.  

In response to the announcement, a mixed reaction was received. Aficionados of crypto and viewers of the show both enjoyed the minigame.

Fans interested in collecting NFTs report that at least one “Stranger Things” fan was repeatedly locked out of their account while attempting to complete the challenge.

The feedback

A “Stranger Things” fan remarked with a GIF of a man firing a rifle, “You think we care about NFTs?”. As another admirer wrote, “I cannot bear the sadness of Netflix’s previous Ethereum NFT release for the sci-fi drama “Love, Death, and Robots,” I would like to request once again that Netflix cease producing Ethereum NFTs of my favourite series.

Some have accused the NFT of being “nonsense,” accompanied by emojis of puking and tearing up or even calling the corporation a “jerk.”

As a result of the outcry against NFTs, numerous indie games featuring NFT integrations have been canceled. As a result of Square Enix showing interest in NFT gaming and Ubisoft pressuring Tezos NFT, many users became angry with the gaming industry.

Netflix’s game-changing NFTs and mini-games with Candy are its first foray into Hollywood collaborations. Candy previously partnered with Getty Images,  WWE Major League Baseball (MLB), whilst SKALE is to soon become home to a Web3 copy of Netflix.

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