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SKALE Collaborates With Mark Cuban’s Fireside to Launch The Web3 Netflix

The Ethereum-based blockchain SKALE officially revealed an exclusive agreement with Mark Cuban’s participative entertainment platform Fireside in order to develop a $100 million ecosystem award programme for the blockchain community.

Creative Unleashed award aims to recognise innovative Web3-based technologies developed by artists.

Launch of Creatives Unleashed

The collaboration between Fireside and SKALE is designed to help verified artists get their projects off the ground. Fireside’s new Web3 studio and the SKALE ecosystem funding have made it possible for these authors to publish their networks on Fireside.

NFT-powered memberships and other unique networks allow artists to communicate with loved ones in a whole new way. Thus, people would be able to share their artwork with the rest of the world.

SKALE and Fireside view the award programme as a chance to build a Web3 content platform. Therefore, it provides an indication of where recreational pursuits may be headed.

The outcome of this partnership

Fireside’s relationship with SKALE will allow users to mint NFTs for free and execute transactions quickly, making it simpler for producers to reach a larger audience at a lower cost. In addition, the alliance will provide much-needed funding for creative initiatives via ecological awards.

The Fireside platform will be used by producers to establish and expand its network, improve interaction with network members, digitally offer community benefits, and disseminate NFT with a customer experience that links the Web2, and the Internet 3. This eliminates the requirement for members to be familiar with cryptocurrencies, NFT, or any other Web3 technology.

The new platform does not require any prior knowledge of cryptography from the community’s members. Developers who qualify for the SKALE x Fireside programme may reap the benefits of SKALE without paying any cost for NFT transfers. All in all, it’s a great way for newcomers and veterans alike to get started.

In a recent partnership with Entourage author Doug Ellin, Fireside unveiled its first NFT TV screen (think of it as a variation of an NFT platform), Ramble On. It is now striving to establish itself as an early leader in the development of web3 content with the support of the SKALE eco-community.

A place has been set up for anyone interested in joining the Fireside social networking site. Creators Unleashed may be followed here by anyone who is interested in participating.

What’s there for creators?

For existing and aspiring professional content producers, such as writers, podcasters, and singers, Fireside allows them to manage their audience, own their material, and distribute and monetise their work through Web3.

There are currently more than 2,000 experienced creators, including Craig Kilborn, Melissa Rivers and Jay Leno, using the Fireside platform to develop new programme formats.

Different web3 entertainment initiatives allow content makers to collaborate with their communities, such as Mad Realities, PPLPLEASR, Mila Kunis’ Stoner Cats and The Gimmicks.


A new edition of the World Wide Web, known as Web 3.0 or the read-write-execute Web, is all the rage right now. The first steps in this approach were taken by dynamic applications, machine-to-machine interaction, and interactive services.

Different websites and how they interact are also covered under Web3. Instead of owning data, information is shared and displayed in a variety of ways by a number of different services.The term “semantic web” has been coined to describe a network where data may be linked and comprehended conceptually and contextually by computers.

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