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Top NFT Projects on Solana Blockchain [Top-22 of 2022]

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  1. Best Solana NFT projects

When it comes to NFT’s and DeFi, Solana is one of the most popular blockchains in the world. It is currently in the Top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap, and given the growing number of underlying NFT projects, there is no doubt that interest in this sector is growing.

Users desire platforms with low fees and fast transactions, and Solana meets these requirements. As a result, several NFT projects and platforms are integrating into the blockchain, and more Solana-based NFTs are arising.

Below you will find the most ambitious Solana NFT projects to watch in 2022.

Best Solana NFT projects

  • 1. Chainers:

Chainers serve as the latest addition to the Solana-based NFT universe but what an addition it is. Unlike most NFT projects, Chainers sets out to put its community at the helm not only of its virtual world, but the way its NFT collections are designed and built. The soon to be released NFT game is centered around user-generated content, limitless character personalisation, and a full-on Web3 degen culture and vibes.

Chainers is one of the most ambitious Solana NFT projects of 2022
  • 2. Thug Birdz:

The Thug Birdz project is based on very exclusive “gangster” birds. It has been sold as one of the top Solana NFTs due to its rarity of only 3333 “OG’s” – as they refer to the arts. These cool-looking birds also have gang roles and rappers among them, such as Jay-Z, Tupac, and Biggie, and this is one of the reasons the project has a bright future and could eventually catch the attention of celebrities.

  • 3. Meerkat Millionaire Country Club

The MMCC is the first NFT project that gives 100% of the royalties back to the community once it is its main rule. Composed of 9,999 hand-drawn meerkats by an artist named Sorriso, this is one of the most innovative Solana NFTs projects in the digital art world, and its roadmap shows ambition and transparency. It also has a well-engaged community where the holders have their voices to share new ideas.

Meerkat Millionaire Country Club NFT collection
  • 4. Frakt

Frakt is the first generative art project on the Solana blockchain, and it is the earliest NFT project to have an entire ecosystem for its exclusive community as well. The whole collection has a total supply of 10,000 arts and a sandbox focused on the public that has 12,588 minted NFTs. It promises to push the Solana DeFi and NFTi ecosystem forward, innovating the community and creating new tools to allow more projects to succeed.

  • 5. Portals

The Portals is undoubtedly one of the most interesting NFTs projects on Solana Blockchain and in the metaverse space. It allows users to create, customize and explore their virtual area in the Portals environment using simple tools in those efficiently planned cities, where the real estate distribution is designed to offer a fantastic experience. The project has raised $5 million in funds to build out this Solana Metaverse, and high expectations arose from its future.

  • 6. Solsteads

The Solsteads collection is a project meant to be innovative and unique, with creative houses and street addresses in many biomes. The project was minted on September 29, 2021, and it’s the first surreal estate with NFTs on Solana. The collection expanded with brand new citizens, characters that you can own to stay in a friend’s so-called solstead, and also get a profile picture that matches the biome you’re in.

Solsteads NFT on Solana
  • 7. Cosmic Condos

Powered by Solana Blockchain, Cosmic Condos is a project of exclusively 3,333 houses located on Mars. The holders who stake their Gen 1 Cosmic Condos will receive $SPACEGOLD, which is the native currency of Mars. The Gen 2 Cosmic Condos has a total supply of 6,666 condos, and these NFTs can be used as a key to the project’s metaverse game, unlocking a 3D house interior.

  • 8. SolPunks

The SolPunks collection on Solana is composed of 10,000 NFTs that have characteristics to make them unique, conforming to a stipulated rarity system. The SolPunks purchase is made randomly, so everyone has the same fair chance to buy as many NFTs as they want. The SolPunks identity is kept as a mystery until the purchase is made; then, everybody has the equal possibility of getting a SolPunks Ape or a SolPunks Alien.

SolPunks NFT on Solana
  • 9. Blockstars

The Blockstars project on the Solana Blockchain is a fun music management simulation game that mainly focuses on socials, immersion, and engagement. The Foundation collection consists of 10,000 Blockstars NFTs. You can use these arts of unique musician characters to form bands, record, and release songs to reach the top charts in the game. Each Blockstar has exclusive skills and personality to make them rare and its metaverse even more enjoyable.

  • 10. Akuma no Neko

The Akuma no Neko NFT project is the genesis collection of the Akumaverse. This collection comprises 1,555 NFTs and had its mint on December 19, 2021. Every single Akuma earns 5 Hono throughout 24 hours with an extra for each week staked. It is a one-of-a-kind Solana project, and the main slogan is “Humans innately have resentment in the world, and once that hate grows strong enough, the hate embodies itself as a demon.”

Akuma no Neko NFT on Solana
  • 11. Family Sol

This is probably the coolest family you could ever buy. The family SOL collection includes 6,666 unique and collectible characters that are also celebrities, politicians, actors, historical figures – and even a dragon! Besides being stakeable, these arts are also playable in a P2E RPG game. The project team aims to create a virtual gallery – the first stage of their metaverse – so people can visit the whole collection and interact with it.

  • 12. Transdimensional Fox Federation

The Transdimensional Fox Federation (TFF) is a secondary NFT collection of the Famous Fox Federation (FFF). The project consists of 7,777 pixelated versions of the original NFTs, which have made their way to a parallel universe. Holders received as many TFFs as they owned in the FFF collection. They got one TFF for each original NFT they have invested in. Holding these secondary arts also guarantees a bigger chance of receiving a future airdrop.

  • 13. Aurory

The Aurory Project is a promising play-to-earn desktop game where players are stimulated to venture into its rich and diverse universe. It received investment support from many companies, such as Solana, Alameda research, and Zee Prime Capital to develop a high-level game in the sector. This project was a pioneer in Solana’s play-to-earn environment and currently has the record of the largest IDO on Solana: the Aurory IDO.

  • 14. Degenerate Ape Academy

The Degenerate Ape Academy is one of Solana’s most exotic and funny NFT projects. The Academy’s primary goal is to socialize, mess around, and have degenerate behavior. It is a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Solana Blockchain, minted on August 14, 2021, at the cost of 6 SOL. These arts’ rarity consists of 137 different traits in the Academy, where the apes are all classified from common to mythic.

Degenerate Ape Academy NFT on Solana
  • 15. Rogue Sharks

This Solana NFT project was launched in October 2021 and was the first one to debut a fair launch lottery and proof of attendance tokens. It is a high-quality 3D collection composed of 5,000 unique Rogue Sharks NFTs. The project team intends to create a global brand focused on community, innovation, and utility. A Rogue Shark NFT doubles as the membership badge and grants access to members-only benefits, such as rewards and events.

  • 16. Infinity Labs

The Infinity Labs is the first “collect & merge” collection of animated NFTs. This Solana NFT project includes 8,888 pieces of NFTs, but this number turns into 1,111 exclusive 1/1 animations, which can be unlocked after merging two copies or “timelines” of Infinity Labs NFTs. The goal is to collect as many NFTs as possible to merge timelines and forge new realities. The prerequisite is that it needs at least two pieces of the same scene for the combination to occur.

  • 17. Galactic Geckos Space Garage

Galactic Gecko Space Garage is an NFT Social Adventure Club on Solana Blockchain. It consists of 10,000 NFTs of warrior-turned space racing geckos. Owning a GGSG NFT grants a place in the project universe, in which you can choose one or more of the four factions: the Alura, the Targari, the Martu, and the Barada. Each faction has its exclusivity and role in the Space Garage universe.

  • 18. Solana Monkey Business

The SMB is an NFT project composed of 2 collections: Gen1 and Gen2. Gen1 is a collection of 4 different space-themed NFTs with a limited supply. Gen 2, on the other hand, has a total supply of 5000 exclusive 24×24 pixels randomly generated Monkeys stored on the Solana blockchain. Each monkey is generated from over 99 possible traits spread over 6 layers, with some monkeys being rarer than others.

  • 19. Boryoku Dragonz

The Boryoku Dragonz is a unique NFT collection on the Solana Blockchain, supported by a professional team of designers, NFT collectors, and artists. The project consists of 1,111 Dragon NFTs that were minted on November 4, 2021, for 1.11 SOL. It is a futurist project in the year 4269 when Boryoku Dragonz inhabits a post-apocalyptic world where most life forms, including humanity, have been extinct.

  • 20. Pesky Penguins

The Pesky Penguins collection is a survival mode project in which the cheapest Penguin NFTs are removed from circulation by the snowball. 8,888 NFTs were minted at first, but now the project has a total supply of 8,465 until the next NFT gets removed. A portion of every aftermarket sale is added to The Snowball account. When it gets large enough, the least valuable Pesky Penguins are picked up by The Snowball that rolls through Solana Marketplace.

  • 21. Lotus Gang

The Lotus Gang is an NFT project based on art, education, and empowerment. The collection has a total supply of 4,000 NFTs – 2,000 lads and 2,000 ladies – all showing Asian-inspired attire. The project’s mission is to create an exclusive community where members can have a safe debate about cryptos and NFTs to add value to each investor and the whole community in general.

  • 22. Solarians

The Solarians are a collection of animated robots that were the first on-chain generative NFTs on Solana. The project has a total supply of 10,000 Solarians NFTs inspired by a literary incursion into the world of science fiction. The Solarians collection is also the first NFT collection minted by users, the first original NFT collection with on-chain metadata, and the first animated NFT collection on the Solana Blockchain.


Since Solana is a top-trending blockchain and its NFT projects are getting more hyped, there are great expectations for their future. If you own any Solana NFTs, you could be sitting on a huge profit.

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