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Victims report over $70,000 in losses over Beeple’s Twitter account hack

beeple twitter hack

A hacker took over the Twitter account of Mike Winkelmann (Beeple), a well-known NFT artist. After the account was hacked, the group began posting malicious URLs in an attempt to steal bitcoin, altcoins, and NFTs from Beeple’s community.

Because Beeple has such a large online following, he should by now start getting quite used to hack attempts and phishing scammerst. However, this one may require that the account holder takes additional measures to secure his community from hacking attacks. 

Phishing involves sending email messages to potential victims that pretend to be from legitimate companies in order to obtain sensitive personal information such as passwords and credit card numbers.

Louis Vuitton has recently teamed up with Beeple, and that may have been the impetus behind the scam. Beeple made 30 NFTs for Louis The Game, a mobile game from the high-end fashion company, earlier this month to reward its loyal customers.

In a series of phishing links posted on Twitter, scammers spread false Beeple collections that promised free mints of unique tokens.

As a result of the hacking incident, several notable members of the NFT community took to Twitter to warn others about the dangers of falling prey to phishing scams.

In Beeple’s hacked account, it seemed as if an official connection had been formed with Louis Vuitton. The NFT influencer Zeneca sent a cautionary message to the NFT industry, helping to raise awareness of the case. 

Falling for the Bait

As with other phishing schemes targeting NFT accounts, the website is not intended to drain your bank account.

Unfortunately, many NFT collectors and Beeple enthusiasts failed to realize the artist’s Twitter account had been hacked, which resulted in them losing money. Reports indicate the victims have lost about $75,000 in the hacking incident.

Unfortunately, many NFT collectors and Beeple enthusiasts lost money because they were unaware that the digital artist’s Twitter account had been hacked. If they had known, they might have avoided losing money, but as always, there is no way of knowing until you take the plunge. 

Although Beeple has removed the link from his Twitter profile, the phishing URL is still visible to anyone who visits their page. In addition, Zeneca advises its customers not to click on links that are harmful and not to connect their wallets to websites they can’t trust.

This is not the first case when a luxury clothing brand gets involved with NFTs, but it is critical to note that even the Hermes NFT Birkin bag debacle was not subjected to a scam. 

The lottery

Beeple’s tweet about a lottery in conjunction with Louis Vuitton’s collaboration seemed genuine and legitimate since Louis Vuitton and Beeple already had a relationship in 2019. Despite this, Beeple followers have been told that no matter how trustworthy a website appears, looking at it over a hundred times is a good idea before putting your money in.

Beeple has now regained ownership of his Twitter account, as the public sources reveal. The digital artist has more than 2.5 million followers across all his social media platforms, making him an attractive target for cybercriminals attempting to access his bitcoin holdings.

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