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Hacking the hacker – WOS community returns stolen NFTs

world of solana nft hack

A scammer who stole some of the most popular NFTs from the World of Solana collection had witnessed the  unforgettable, when the Solana community teamed up to get back the stolen assets. 

The World of Solana made an announcement on Twitter that the hacker who stole the NFTs has been successfully robbed, and the NFTs were retrieved from him by the WOS team. 

Stolen Solana NFTs

An attack by fraudsters on the Discord channel of cross-chain gaming firm Uncharted NFT, led to the theft of 109 wallets. In addition, the hacker managed to steal over 150 SOL and over 25 WOS tokens. This included three rare and extremely valuable digital collectibles.

The World of Solana consists of 2,222 unique heroines fighting for their independence on the Solana Blockchain. BTG, the individual behind the collection is a well-known 2D artist recognized for her semi-realistic aesthetic. Furthermore, as a human anatomy expert, she combined her knowledge and art to create the NFT collection in question.

Currently, the most expensive avatar of WOS has a price tag of nearly 123 Sol or $5,600. According to current estimates, the collection’s floor price is approximately 2.03 SOL.

Hacking the NFT thief

After the hacking incident, several members of the Solana community, including @QuantMaven, @AngelaTNFT, @CyberFrogsNFT, and @Cryptosile, came together and devised a plan to recover the NFTs that were stolen by raising the royalties on stolen NFTs to 98% instead of the traditional 5%.

The plan was to fork the entire amount when the hacker would try to cash out on the stolen NFTs, hoping to take advantage of the raised royalties.

The community was then asked to keep a close eye on Solana’s NFT marketplace Magic Eden for any new listings of these stolen items. Naturally, it didn’t take long for the scammer to show up, and in just two days, the non-fungibles appeared listed on Magic Eden. 

As soon as the community realised that these NFTs are back on the market, they bought back 15 of them, while the remaining ten sniped, meaning the community waited until the last second of the NFT auction to make a winning bid. This is usually done by bidders who don’t want other bidders to place a higher bid before the auction ends. 

The move has allowed the Solana community to retrieve the remaining 10 NFTs, and return a pack of 25 stolen tokens back to their rightful owners. 

While explaining this incident through a thread, the World Of Solana said they constantly needed to monitor and coordinate with the community. They also said they are glad that @J2B4U_ got all his WOS NFTs back.  

Sharing the positive side of the story, the account mod added to the tweet, expressing gratitude to the two new community members, who played a lead role in getting the NFTs back from the hacker during this incident. 

The end

In the last tweet of the 6-tweet thread, the World Of Solana advised the community and all NFT enthusiasts and owners to always use a burner wallet to store their collectibles, and take extra care when minting. They also added that this is the second time they got back the stolen NFTs with the community’s help. 

Over the last few years, the NFT trend has taken the world by storm while allowing anyone essentially to either sell or purchase digital art. Unfortunately though, this has also attracted NFT thieves and Discord scammers, whose main goal is to profit by exploiting the novice users through the loose security measures. 

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