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Adorable Alien Fuzzle NFTs Invade Billboards in Times Square

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Recently Times Square has been overrun by adorable alien invaders as Fuzzle, an AI NFT project, unleashed multicolored, unlikely conquerors all over the 180-degree view billboard at 7th and 48th. These odd alien creatures curiously surveyed the crowds, towering over the thousands passing below. Fuzzle will be appearing on the billboard intermittently until May 1st 2022. 

The Fuzzles shown are in a wide range of colors and patterns, and the billboard is breathtaking as the vividly colored fur balls loom above with their doe eyes. Some have horns, tails, or wings and they all have an adorable, naivety to them that’s instantly charming.

Fuzzle is an NFT collection from Endless AI and Gala Games. Unlike other NFT collections, each of the 9,997 Fuzzles is powered by fully interactive AI. Owners will be able to chat and play with their Fuzzle and it will actually engage and react in conversation. 

Fuzzles Spotted in Time Square

Due to the AI behind them, Fuzzle actually have a mind of their own. You never really know what they’ll say. Sometimes they can have a bit of an attitude or some snark, but their goal is always to have fun talking with their owner.

NFT stands for Non-fungible token, which is a type of unique object on the blockchain that is created in a limited supply. Many NFT collections have utility beyond just art collection, but few projects have taken the concept of an NFT so far as to decentralize dynamic AI. On the cutting edge of two huge frontiers, projects like Fuzzle are redefining the future of what is digitally possible.

On Wednesday April 27th, 2022 the total 9,997 “Fuzzle Pods” will be sold through the Gala Games platform. The only payment methods accepted will be the cryptocurrencies ETH and GALA. GALA is the official crypto token of the Gala Games ecosystem.

On Monday, May 2nd, owners will have the ability to exchange their Fuzzle Pod (ERC-1155) for their uniquely generated Fuzzle (ERC-721) on the interface at with a connected Metamask wallet.

About Endless AI:

Endless AI is a technology-driven entertainment company focused on the fusion of AI-enabled interactivity and blockchain technology to make magical products for a Web3 world.. The Endless team brings experience from some of the biggest games and interactive stories to date– including Jam City’s mega-hit Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, the billion-downloaded Minion Rush, the original Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, Telltale’s Game of the Year-winning Walking Dead, and $200M-grossing Minecraft and Batman series.

About Gala Games

Gala Games is building the largest decentralized network of gamers in the world, empowering players everywhere with real ownership of in-game items and the ability to earn through playing.

Since its founding in 2019 by Zynga co-founder Eric Schiermeyer, Gala Games has already distributed billions of dollars to users, players, and owners throughout its ecosystem. With centuries of in-house AAA experience, Gala is bringing the power of Web3 and mainstream gaming together.

Learn More:

Community: Gala Games Discord


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