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State of The NFT Market: A Bubble Bursting or Just a Blip?

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The recent July report published by DappRadar titled “The NFT Market Slump: An Emerging Trend or a Temporary Dip?” raises some eyebrows. Our team had a closer look at it and tried to understand if the NFT market experiencing a serious downturn we all should worry about, or is it merely a hiccup in an otherwise upward trajectory?


  • The NFT market has experienced a 68% decrease in trading volume in July and sales, suggesting a potential shift in market dynamics.
  • The surge in NFT trading on the Polygon platform suggests a shift towards platforms offering more affordable and accessible NFT options.
  • Despite the overall downward trend in the NFT market, generative art has shown resilience and strong performance.
  • Yuga Labs, once a dominant player in the NFT market, appears to be losing its stronghold, indicating a potential diversification in the NFT industry.
  • Despite a slight dip, blockchain gaming continues to dominate the Web3 world, with four of the top five most traded NFT collections belonging to this category.

The Dapp Industry: A Shaky Foundation?

The Dapp industry, the backbone of the NFT market, is showing signs of instability. Stargate Finance, despite retaining its top spot as the most-used dapp, might be standing on shaky ground. The DeFi Total Value Locked (TVL) has witnessed a slight decrease, which could be a sign of investors’ waning confidence. The high-profile exploits that have occurred recently further exacerbate the situation, raising questions about the security measures in place. If the very foundation of the NFT market is unstable, can we really trust the market’s growth?

The NFT Market: A Fading Star?

The NFT market, once the shining star of the digital asset world, seems to be losing its luster. The trading volume has seen a significant decrease, dropping by almost 68% within just three weeks. The number of sales has also seen a drop, indicating a potential shift in the market.

By Dappradar

However, this shift could be due to the emerging popularity of ‘low barrier entry’ NFTs, which cater to a wider audience. The Polygon platform experienced a surge in NFT trading, suggesting a broader shift in the NFT market towards platforms that offer more affordable and accessible NFT options. Despite the general downward trend, generative art performed quite well, indicating that the decrease in NFT trading volume might signify an industry maturing and expanding into new territories.

Blockchain Gaming: A Silver Lining?

In the midst of the uncertainty surrounding the NFT market, blockchain gaming emerges as a beacon of hope, driving Web3 user interaction forward. Despite a slight decrease in on-chain gaming interactions, on-chain gaming still holds a dominance of 41% in the Web3 world. Interestingly, four of the top five most traded NFT collections are from blockchain games, underscoring the significant role of gaming in driving NFT trading activity. Most traders in these collections tend to buy more than they sell, indicating a growing interest in these games and the larger integration of NFTs into the gaming ecosystem. Blockchain gaming boasts the highest number of users among all categories in the Web3 industry, hinting at its potential for sustained growth.

By Dappradar

The DappRadar report presents an intriguing snapshot of the current state of the NFT market. While it’s too early to declare the NFT market a sinking ship, the signs of a potential downturn are hard to ignore. As we continue to navigate the uncharted waters of digital assets, skepticism might be our best ally. After all, in a market as volatile as this, it’s better to question twice before jumping in headfirst.

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