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OPNX Partners With Khabib’s Gameplan to Transform the Sports Metaverse

Hong Kong, China, July 25th, 2023, Chainwire

Crypto platform Open Exchange (OPNX) has partnered with UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and Magomed Kurbaitaev’s new sports metaverse, Gameplan. The dynamic partnership will give fans an all-in-one destination for events, gaming, shopping, and interactions with their sports idols.

Through partnering with innovative projects such as Khabib’s Gameplan, OPNX aims to facilitate the next wave of crypto adoption and innovation, allowing athlete and fan interaction to thrive through Gameplan.

OPNX CEO Leslie Lamb said “It’s been a long-term goal of mine to work with Khabib. Crypto and MMA have many parallels. It takes extreme skill to navigate the chaos in both cases. As an athlete, I’ve always admired Khabib’s composure and how he treats his opponents with the deepest respect. As much as his fights are exciting to watch, every one delivers a powerful lesson to his opponents.

“I believe MMA fighters bring the exact energy crypto needs in a bear market. We need true fighters right now, or what I internally refer to as Ox energy. People who persist with an indomitable resolve no matter the conditions. It’s an honor to be partnered with Gameplan to further fan engagement and the lives of athletes everywhere.”

Khabib expressed his optimism about the new partnership, stating: “As an athlete with big experience, I understand sport and what it needs. I hope this partnership between OPNX and Gameplan will revolutionize the sports industry.”

Historically, the sports industry has presented limited avenues for fans to interact with athletes and a narrow range of opportunities for athletes to leverage their skills and fame outside of sport. Gameplan aims to solve these issues by building a deeper connection between high-profile athletes and their supporters. This includes the biggest names in football, boxing, and wrestling.

Users can own a stake in their favorite sports teams and contribute to the platform’s decision-making process through token-based voting. Leveraging Gameplan’s native utility token, users can influence decisions related to team management, strategy, and much more.

During gameplay, users can also engage with an AI-powered Khabib, a way for fans to learn more about the legendary MMA fighter while creating a personalized and memorable experience. Upcoming mini-games such as Buggy Race in the Desert and Fighting Game have also been recently announced.

Gameplan’s ultimate goal is to create an online space that solves existing issues in sport, while benefiting both sports fans and athletes alike, giving athletes a potentially additional stream of revenue and financial security for their talents and efforts.

OPNX’s trading platform is driven by a powerful portfolio margin architecture that allows traders to leverage their entire portfolio of assets including OX, the native crypto staking, governance and fee paying token. It features an innovative “Stake To Trade For Free” model, whereby users stake their OX to get up to 100% trading fee rebates in perpetuity. This model is democratic and dynamically adjusting, creating fundamental alignment between the exchange and traders.

OPNX aims to facilitate the tokenization and trading of real-world assets that currently face opaque and inefficient markets, starting with the $20B crypto bankruptcy claims market. This has begun with the tokenization of Celsius and FTX claims.

More recently, OPNX launched oUSD, its native credit currency. Soon, users will be able to use on-chain assets such as BTC, ETH, OX and more as collateral with off-chain order matching, allowing for provable solvency and liquidation, with on-chain security of user funds. Put together, this forms the foundation of an exchange with CeFi performance and DeFi security. Since launching two months ago, OPNX has been steadily growing and is now averaging over $50M/day volume.

To stay up to date on their latest projects and collaborations, check out Gameplan’s Twitter and Instagram. To stay up to date with Open Exchange (OPNX), check out their Twitter and Telegram

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Open Exchange (OPNX) is an innovative new crypto and claims trading exchange. It aims to combine the best of centralized and decentralized finance to create a trading platform that optimizes for performance and security. 

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