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A McAdventure in the Metaverse: Nuggets go Web3

mcdonalds metaverse

McDonald’s, the king of the golden arches, has decided to celebrate the 40th birthday of their Chicken McNuggets by opening up a place called McNuggets Land in the metaverse. The NFTandGameFi team decided to join the party, I mean, who wouldn’t want to celebrate a chicken nugget’s birthday, right?

A Bizarre Birthday Bash in the Metaverse

this isn’t the first time Mickey D’s has dipped its toes into the virtual world. They tried to patent a “virtual restaurant online featuring home delivery” back in 2022. But given the current slump in interest for Web3, it’s got us all scratching our heads and asking, “McWhy?”

So, our team took the plunge and visited McNuggets Land in the Sandbox. And what did we see there? Pixelated McNugget characters like “Coach McNugget” and his sidekick, “Assistant Coach McNugget.” 

Coach McNugget then sends you on a wild goose chase to find four McDonald’s signs. Because, you know, nothing screams fun like a scavenger hunt for fast food signs. But hey, there’s a prize pool of 100,000 SAND (about $44,000) and “mystery boxes” up for grabs. So, why not?

This whole shebang is led by the Hong Kong branch of McDonald’s. And the lucky folks there have a chance to win coupons and the grand prize of “365-day free Chicken McNuggets.” Now that’s a lot of nuggets!

The Metaverse: A Misstep for Brands or the Future of Marketing?

The whole place is plastered with the phrase “Please Share,” which is supposed to encourage sharing nuggets with friends. But honestly, it comes off more like a desperate cry for attention. Kinda reminds me of that time Jeb Bush begged people to clap for him during his 2016 campaign.

Now, the CEO of McDonald’s Hong Kong, Randy Lai, claims that McDonald’s is all about delivering “innovative experiences and Happy Moments.” But this whole thing feels more like a marketing ploy than a genuine attempt at creating a fun experience. The pixelated McNuggets spouting sales pitches didn’t exactly help either.

The Sandbox, the platform hosting McNuggets Land, has had its fair share of big brands launching virtual worlds. But even with brands like Adidas, Atari, and Gucci on board there’s not much to do there.

Brands have been trying to make a splash in the metaverse for years now, with varying degrees of success. But when you can’t eat, drink, or even smell in the metaverse, it’s hard to see the point of a virtual food or drink experience.

And with the current shift in venture capital from the metaverse to AI, and big names like Disney closing their metaverse divisions, it seems like a strange time for brands to be jumping into the Web3 ring. What once seemed fun and quirky now just feels awkward and out of place.

If brands like McDonald’s want to make it in Web3, they need to give people a better reason than what McNuggets Land offers. Starbucks’ Web3 loyalty program, Odyssey, makes more sense because it ties in with what customers are already doing: buying coffee. And along the way, they’re building a community and getting valuable feedback.

But the biggest letdown of all in McNuggets Land? No Grimace. I mean, come on, McDonald’s. You can’t have a party without Grimace!

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