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Google Play Store: Games and Apps with NFTs are Coming Your Way

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In a thrilling, pioneering leap forward, Google’s Play Store is revving up to provide a captivating, transparent, and trust-inspiring landscape for blockchain games and NFTs, promising a brand new world of possibilities for Android enthusiasts.

Earlier this year, Google kindled the flames of curiosity when they revealed their exploration into Play Store policy changes. This would pave the way for developers to incorporate NFTs into their Android games, adding an electrifying layer of complexity and allure. Fast forward to today, Google proudly showcases new guidelines that embrace and regulate blockchain games and apps, with a full rollout plan set to sweep across the digital realm by the year’s end.

“Apps need to keep it real with users when it comes to tokenized digital assets,” Google declared in a Wednesday blog post unveiling the progressive step forward.

Play Store and NFTs

Following the new blueprint, blockchain game creators must openly announce a game’s blockchain status on its content page within the Google Play Store. This mirrors the approach of Epic Games, which displays a standard blockchain game alert on the download page for every crypto-supported game on its platform.

Clear communication is king in Google’s domain. Therefore, if any in-app goodies in Android games come with related NFTs, developers must shine a spotlight on this information for users. The tech trailblazer confirmed via email that in-app content unlocked by NFTs will be permissible, irrespective of where the NFT was purchased, breaking barriers in a way that Apple, Google’s main mobile competitor, has yet to embrace.

Google’s balanced yet forward-thinking approach to blockchain gaming clears the runway for developers to weave NFTs and other crypto integrations into their creations. This is subject to compliance with Google’s Real-Money Gambling, Games, and Contests policy and avoiding any promotion or glorification of crypto or NFT trading activities.

Players can look forward to games offering in-game NFTs, although these cannot be gambled or used in sweepstakes. Developers dabbling in any betting mechanisms will need to cross the checkpoint of Google’s gambling eligibility requirements.

“NFTs bought should enhance the game experience or propel users forward. They can’t be staked in exchange for winning real-world prizes,” Google’s rules detail. The tech powerhouse clarified that “staking” referred to in this context doesn’t relate to the typical crypto and NFT act of staking for token rewards, which is still a green light.

Furthermore, the selling of NFT “bundles” must clearly outline their contents and value, ensuring the utmost transparency in line with the new guidelines.

An important note: Google will continue its vigilant stand against any apps that mine crypto on users’ devices. However, apps that allow users to control crypto mining activities on external devices like graphics cards remain acceptable.

Adoption x1000

The unveiling of Google’s blockchain game regulations will unfurl gradually, with visible changes expected to shimmer on the horizon “later this summer,” according to a Google spokesperson.

Meanwhile, Google will embark on a collaborative journey with select game developers to fine-tune the new user experience for blockchain games. NFL Rivals developer Mythical Games and the powerhouse platform Reddit are confirmed partners in this journey, working side by side with Google to perfect its NFT policies.

As Reddit Senior Engineering Manager Matt Williamson shared, “We’ve teamed up with Google to refine their policy, seeking to cultivate a fair and engaging landscape that promotes user confidence and responsible use of blockchain technology.”

Though Google is currently handpicking its collaborators, all developers will soon have the opportunity to build games that align with Google’s innovative crypto gaming policies later this year.

As Apple’s App Store, the main rival to the Play Store, continues its more restrictive stance towards NFTs and crypto, Google’s latest move underscores its bold vision for the future of gaming.

While Apple’s 30% cut still applies to NFTs within iOS games and apps, developers can look forward to a world of wider possibilities on the Google Play Store, making the Android platform even more enticing than ever before!

Featured image by Rubaitul Azad

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