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Fortnite & Nike’s NFT Tango: The Dance Without Actual NFTs”

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If, at the start of the NFT rise, you’ve been bamboozled by the question, “What is an NFT?” or confused about the ‘NFT meaning’, you’re not alone. Not even Epic Games and Nike seem to have a clear consensus on the upcoming NFT drops in their collaboration, despite the tantalizing tease that sent the crypto world into a frenzy.

So, you’ve heard about the upcoming Fortnite-Nike rendezvous, right? Yeah, the one that promised to bring the NFT NYC right into the heart of Fortnite’s vibrant universe. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but let’s pop that bubble. There’s no actual NFT art coming to your favorite virtual battlefield.

Introducing “Airphoria,” a Nike-themed, sneaker-filled Easter egg hunt in Fortnite’s Creative Mode. As epic as it sounds, it is, unfortunately, an NFT-free zone. The free avatar accessory styled after the iconic Nike Air Max – yeah, that one isn’t tokenized as an NFT either. And that’s got the crypto wolves howling at the NFT marketplace, aching for a bite of the action.

For those still scratching their heads and wondering “What on earth?” in this context, well, it’s like being promised a Trump NFT, only to get a digital postcard of Mar-a-Lago instead. Despite the hullabaloo around the .Swoosh (Nike’s NFT platform) connection, the NFT art is conspicuously absent. If anything, Epic Games seems to be hugging its “walled garden” approach tighter than a miser with his gold.

Now, there’s an interesting twist in the NFT calendar. The .Swoosh platform, snuggly built on Polygon, an Ethereum scaling network, provides each user with a .Swoosh ID in the form of an NFT. Now, here’s where things get interesting. Link your .Swoosh account to your Epic Games account, and boom! You unlock a special achievement on your NFT-based ID. And if you feel like splurging on some non-NFT apparel in Fortnite, you’re rewarded with a second achievement. Now isn’t that a win-win?

However, before you get too excited about owning a slice of the virtual Nike pie, there’s a catch. To get these goodies, you need to connect both your .Swoosh and BitGo accounts, the latter being Nike’s crypto wallet provider for .Swoosh. Essentially, it’s the magical trunk where your .Swoosh ID NFT and any digital clothing and accessories live.

So, while this Fortnite-Nike crossover may not introduce NFTs into the game, it does create an intriguing bridge between the virtual battle-royale world and Nike’s NFT platform. This liaison could very well pave the way for more ‘NFT art’ possibilities in the future. But until then, we are left to speculate about Nike’s cryptic strategy and the role of the .Swoosh ID NFT in this grand scheme.

Sadly, Nike and Epic Games remain as tight-lipped as a chastity belt when probed about their future NFT plans. But hey, there’s always the promise of access to a mysterious virtual collection at .Swoosh at some unspecified date. Until then, we’ll just have to remain content with chasing sneakers in the ‘Airphoria’ landscape and eagerly await the next big wave in the NFT ocean.

Fortnite 101

For the uninitiated, Fortnite might seem like just another game, but oh, how wrong you would be! This free-to-play online phenomenon is an explosive mix of survival, strategy, and swift combat, all wrapped up in vibrant, cartoonish visuals that could make even a Picasso painting seem dull. With millions of players worldwide, Fortnite is more than just a game – it’s a virtual universe where players fight for survival, build elaborate fortresses, and strut their stuff with cheeky dance moves. It’s not just about who’s the last one standing; it’s about creativity, collaboration, and sometimes, pulling off a victory dance under the nose of your opponent. Now, with a potential foray into the NFT world, Fortnite is gearing up to be the kingpin of the digital gaming frontier.

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