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Adidas Originals x FEWOCiOUS: A Web3 Odyssey of Sneakers and NFTs

adidas fewocious

Welcome to the future, dear readers, where the zeitgeist is a digital playground and a pair of sneakers can be much more than just footwear. This time we’re spinning a yarn about a collaboration that will make your non-fungible tokens (NFTs) do a little jig in your digital wallets. It’s all about the union of adidas Originals and a wild child of the art world, FEWOCiOUS.

So, who’s this FEWOCiOUS guy, you ask? Victor Langlois, aka FEWOCiOUS, is a 20-year-old artist who’s been tearing up the Web3 scene with his colorful, deeply personal digital creations. Our boy Vic has a history with the three stripes, having used their sneaker silhouettes as an artistic canvas since his teen years.

With this collaboration, adidas Originals and FEWOCiOUS have cooked up a pot of digital and physical goodies. The pièce de résistance is the limited edition Trefoil Flower Mint Pass, an NFT ticket to a future of ultra-cool footwear. Launched on June 22nd, it unlocks the opportunity to redeem a complimentary pair of Campus 00’s sneakers, a classic adidas silhouette that’s been FEWOCiOUS-ized with black and white ‘linework’ and contrasting blue and white cloud pattern laces.

A Token-Gated Journey into Digital Fashion

But wait, there’s more. This isn’t just about stylish kicks. This is adidas’ first leap into the world of token-gated, NFC-tagged sneakers, linked to a limited-edition NFT. Holders of the mint pass, and other select NFTs, can snag a slew of exclusive benefits, including discounted pricing and early access via OpenSea. And speaking of OpenSea, that’s where you can mint and purchase this golden ticket of a mint pass.

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FEWOCiOUS was stoked about the collab, saying, “Working with adidas is a real dream come true.” The artist is eager to explore the intersection of fashion, footwear, and the digital realm, and can’t wait to share the journey with the community.

And if you’re one of the lucky ones who snagged the adidas Originals x FEWOCiOUS Trefoil Flower Mint Pass, you can redeem your physical Campus 00’s sneaker later in the summer. This cool initiative is pushing the boundaries of the Web3 community and inspiring a wider integration of technology and artistry into the fashion landscape.

Oh, and the mint price for this juicy piece of the metaverse? It’s 0.2 ETH (about $350) for Tier One, and 0.25 ETH (about $430) for Tiers Two and Three. Not too shabby for a token to some cutting-edge kicks, right?.

Adidas’ Previous Dives into the Web3 Waves

But let’s not forget, adidas isn’t a newbie to the Web3 scene just as his main rival Nike. Their Web3 journey started in December 2021 with the “Into the Metaverse” announcement and physical merchandise. This was Adidas’ first foray into the NFT and Web3 culture, guided by NFT pioneers gmoney, PUNKS Comic, and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). This collaborative NFT project offered holders some sweet Adidas Originals physical merchandise, alongside digital, co-created Metaverse virtual land experiences. The digital world was set ablaze as 30,000 ITM NFTs were minted in a matter of hours, making Adidas a cool 22 million dollars in just a few hours. Talk about running with the big dogs!

Early 2022 saw the brand collaborating with Prada for an NFT mosaic, featuring the talents of Zach Lieberman, and making strides in the Sandbox via a giveaway. By April, they were deep into Phase 1 NFT burn to claim physical products and introduced Ozworld, the world’s first personality-based AI-generated avatar creation platform. Ozworld gave users the chance to create their unique digital selves and try on Adidas sneakers in the digital realm. And guess what? The NFT holders got VIP early access.

adidas nft

As the year rolled on, so did Adidas’ Metaverse maneuvers. May 2022 was all about Phase 2 of ITM and the ‘Landing on OZ Future Concert’ Virtual music festival. Fast forward to June, and they were already making it rain with capsule airdrops for holders.

So, how did these web3 adventures fare? The numbers speak for themselves. Since their Metaverse debut in December 2021, Adidas has reportedly raked in around 153 million dollars. Even in the fluctuating market conditions, the collection’s floor price has stayed relatively high, a testament to the brand’s successful Metaverse strategy.

Adidas’ Metaverse journey is far from over. With their latest collaboration with FEWOCiOUS, the brand continues to push the boundaries, blending physical and digital in a token-gated, NFC-tagged sneaker tied to a limited edition NFT. It’s clear that Adidas is not just dipping their toes but diving headfirst into the web3 ocean, and we’re all here for the swim​.

And remember, in the world of Web3, your sneakers aren’t just for walking. They’re a passport to new digital dimensions and an expression of who you are in the ever-evolving world of the metaverse. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to lace up and step into the future!

Pictures were sourced from ADIDAS ORIGINALSxFEWOCIOUS

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