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The Upland Universe is Expanding to Berlin!

upland berlin launch

Attention all Uplanders! Genesis Week is on the horizon and it’s ushering in the exciting addition of Berlin to the Upland universe! A city where past meets future and creativity sparks at every turn, Berlin sits proudly in the center of Germany, ready to captivate all who visit. The city’s rich history, iconic landmarks, and thriving cultural life make it a perfect blend of traditional charm and modern chic.

The launch of Berlin in Upland will take place on Friday, June 9th at 10 AM PT. In line with the city launch, a community meet-up in Berlin will also occur at the same time. This gathering will allow all Uplanders to commemorate the city’s inauguration LIVE from Berlin. This offers players attending either the Berlin community meet-up or Genesis Week in Las Vegas a chance to join in the live city launch with their fellow Upland purveyors!

For those excited by the prospect of owning property in Berlin, please read all the detailed information below to ensure you’re prepared for the city launch.


  1. Berlin launches in Upland on Friday, June 9th at 10 AM PT (19:00 CEST in Berlin)
  2. Terminal Sale registration opens Wednesday, May 31st 8 AM PT
  3. Terminal Sale starts Thursday, June 1st at 9 AM PT
  4. There are future plans to expand neighborhoods and properties in Berlin
  5. Upland Community Meet Up in Berlin on Friday, June 9th from 18:00-21:00 CEST

City launch insights

Unveiling on Friday, June 9th at 10 AM PT in Vanilla Mode, Berlin is Germany’s capital and largest city, home to over 3.7 million people. According to the Upland city tier system, Berlin qualifies as a large-sized, medium-priced city. The release of Berlin will open around ~19,500 properties across eight neighborhoods for all players. More parcels will follow as all neighborhoods gradually unlock. About ~20% of properties throughout Berlin will be reserved as FSA.

City details

  • Send Fees (Lo/Hi/Default): 15/75/30
  • Airport: Yes
  • Train Terminal: Yes
  • Collection Range: 22-28
  • Launch properties: ~19,500
  • Total Launch Neighborhoods: 8
  • FSA: ~20%
  • Treasure Hunt Tier: 3
  • Future Expansions: Yes

Launch neighborhoods

  • Alexanderplatz 
  • Brunnenstr Sud 
  • Gesundbrunnen 
  • Hansaviertel 
  • Moabit 
  • Regierungsviertel 
  • Tiergarten 
  • Wedding

Please note: All neighborhoods will be marked on the map, but travel will only be possible in the neighborhoods mentioned above until further expansions unlock more areas.

Have a look at the map below to view the location of the launch neighborhoods (highlighted in blue).

upland metaverse

Crazy facts about Berlin

  • Berlin has an elaborate network of underground bunkers and tunnels, used for civilian shelter during WWII air raids. These bunkers are now open for tours, providing a peek into Berlin’s wartime past.
  • The city celebrates a unique tradition, “Kreuzberg’s floating Easter eggs.” Each Easter, vibrantly painted eggs are released into the Landwehr Canal, charming onlookers.
  • Berlin is a green city, boasting over 2,500 public parks and gardens. The Tiergarten, the city’s largest park, spans 210 hectares (520 acres) and is a popular spot for casual strolls and picnics.

Berlin community gathering

To commemorate the Berlin city release, Upland will host an in-person gathering for everyone in the Berlin vicinity. Join in at the historic LVL World of Gaming gaming and Esports venue on Friday, June 9th from 18:00-21:00 CEST.

Those joining the party will have the chance to:

  • Celebrate the Genesis Opening of Germany with fellow Uplanders
  • Enjoy a Complimentary Drink with The Upland Team, Wombat Team, and the BGA
  • Receive a Special Block Explorer for free
  • Connect with Other Uplanders

Please RSVP by clicking here to confirm your attendance and ensure your name is on the guest list.

Berlin Terminal sale

The Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (BER) has routes to 15 airports across Upland. Upon landing in Berlin, players will need to board the Berlin Brandenburg train to reach the city release location. Plan your journey accordingly to arrive in time for the city’s unveiling.

Terminal sale details

  • Registration Start: Wednesday, May 31st at 8 AM PT
  • Registration Close: Thursday, June 1st at 8 AM PT
  • Sale Start: Thursday, June 1st at 9 AM PT
  • Berlin Train Terminal Quantity: 9
  • Train Terminal Price: $475
  • Berlin Brandenburg Train Terminal Quantity: 9
  • Train Terminal Price: $475
  • Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (BER) Terminal Quantity: 9
  • Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (BER) Terminal Price: $1,536

Note: The registration and sale of terminals will only be available in the web version of Upland’s Store. 

Berlin travel guide

upland travel guide

Note: Travel routes are expected to open after the terminal sale.

Collection reveal details

The team behind Upland will disclose collections for the Berlin City release on Friday, June 16th at 9 AM PT. As collections could influence a property’s price, ensure to verify your marketplace properties before the reveal to prevent underselling them. You might consider temporarily removing them from the marketplace before the reveal.

Important Note: All collections for this city launch will be tokenized pre-release and remain unchanged. As city expansion continues, further collections will be tokenized following this process to meet each city’s tier collection ranges. Not all tokenized collections are necessarily for the current city launch.

Key dates recap

There’s a lot going on in Berlin! Stay on track with this schedule shortlist: 

  • Terminal sale registration opens: Wednesday, May 31st at 8 AM PT
  • Terminal sale registration closes: Thursday, June 1st 8 AM PT
  • Terminal sale starts: Thursday, June 1st at 9 AM PT
  • City launch: Friday, June 9th at 10 AM PT 

Note: As a reminder, if we see signs that the city release experience is sub-optimal, we will take immediate action and lock any unminted properties. If required, this may be followed by a brief maintenance period.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the city tour of Berlin, set to be announced soon. Upland will also reveal Collections in Berlin shortly after the initial city release. And to all those excited Uplanders, remember to set your newly acquired Berlin properties as your Upland home address!

About Upland

Upland is a blockchain-based metaverse game that merges the physical world with the virtual one, allowing players to buy, sell, and trade virtual properties that correspond to real-world addresses. The game operates on a play-to-earn model, where players can earn UPX, the in-game currency, by participating in various activities within the game.

Players can purchase real estate, landmarks, and build structures, with the ultimate goal of generating profit through trading and renting properties. The game uses blockchain technology to verify and track ownership of these virtual properties, making each player’s holdings transparent and secure.

Upland also facilitates a thriving digital economy, with players able to run businesses, visit cities, and interact with others within the Upland community.

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