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Top Performing Countries for Your GameFi Marketing Strategy

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Get ready to dive into the decentralized world of gaming as we unpack the intriguing findings of CoinGecko’s recent study. Taking us on a journey from 2021 to 2023, the research presents an engaging exploration of the global web3 gaming, also known as GameFi, trends. Harnessing the power of Google Trends data, the study unravels the evolving dynamics of the global GameFi landscape. Let’s delve into the most captivating takeaways, organized into key points for your easy understanding.

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1. The Forefront of GameFi: Leading Countries and Regions

CoinGecko’s study underscores that nine nations are leading the GameFi revolution— the Philippines, Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, and the UAE. These countries have consistently secured a place in the top 15 for web3 gaming-related searches over the past three years.

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6South Korea
7Hong Kong
Source: Coingecko

2. Southeast Asia: A Dominant Force in Web3 Gaming

Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam, is a significant player in the global GameFi arena. Although the number of Southeast Asian countries within the top 15 fluctuated over the three years, their presence remained prominent.

3. Consistent Interest from East Asia

South Korea, Hong Kong, and China from East Asia have displayed consistent interest in web3 gaming. Their position in the top tier of GameFi interest underscores the growing popularity of this phenomenon in this region.

4. South Asia: Fluctuating yet Significant

Although fluctuating, South Asia, and notably Pakistan, has displayed significant interest in web3 gaming. The number of South Asian representatives among the top 15 most interested countries varies, but their presence continues to be notable.

5. Web3 Gaming Interest Rankings in 2023

CoinGecko’s research reveals that in 2023, the Philippines remains at the top of the list of countries most interested in web3 gaming. Close behind are Nigeria, Pakistan, and Singapore, which have all improved their rankings. South Korea too has climbed up the rankings, surpassing China and Hong Kong.

6. Rising Stars and Fading Lights in 2023

The report highlights that the Netherlands has emerged as the leading European nation in web3 gaming in 2023. New entrants to the top 15 include Kenya, Lebanon, and Sri Lanka. On the other hand, Vietnam, China, and the UAE experienced a decrease in their web3 gaming interest.

Source: Coingecko

The study presents a complex picture of fluctuating interest in web3 gaming from 2021 to 2023. Countries such as Pakistan, South Korea, Kenya, and Sri Lanka displayed consistent yearly growth, while others like Singapore, China, Thailand, and Venezuela have seen a decline in interest.


CoinGecko’s research paints a fascinating picture of the evolving landscape of web3 gaming globally. The study underscores the growing interest in GameFi across different countries and regions, signifying the increasing adoption and acceptance of blockchain technologies worldwide. The insights offer a helpful guide for developers, investors, and gamers alike, aiding them to navigate the exciting world of web3 gaming.

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