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Takyon: A New NFT Usecase For The Travel Industry


Takyon is a new platform that allows users to book travel using NFTs. This system has many benefits for both travelers and businesses in the travel industry. It’s set to onboard new users into blockchain technology by providing a user-friendly exchange for reserved bookings.

The travel industry has not quite adopted NFT technology to the same degree as other industries. However, with the recent announcement of Takyon’s new NFTs, that may change. To better outline the importance of this NFT bookings exchange, it’s helpful to first identify the problems that the current travel and hospitality industry faces.

What Problems Do Takyon NFT Bookings Solve?

Traditionally, canceling reservations would result in a loss for both the traveler and the business. With Takyon, customers can now recoup some of their losses by selling their NFT bookings on the secondary market.

Through Takyon’s partnered travel channels, customers can opt to select an NFT booking that can be redeemed via email after purchase. These non-refundable NFT bookings are about 20% cheaper than regular bookings. This is because it saves the business money by ensuring that someone will be able to enjoy the space. It also prevents chargebacks which costs the hotel industry substantially in processing fees.

By providing a liquid market for travel bookings, customers can also feel more confident about making plans. They can now book their dream vacation without having to worry about losing money if something comes up.

Last-minute travelers can also find better deals on NFT bookings. This is because other travelers that have canceled plans will likely lower their listed NFT price to ensure a sale. As you can see, everyone benefits from this system that Takyon has created.

takyon booking nft
Takyon – NFT Hotel Bookings That Can Be Resold if You Can’t Make it

What’s The Use Case For Takyon NFTs?

Takyon’s NFT use case is in its immutability and ease of transfer. Flippers/speculators will often purchase an in-demand booking well in advance and then try to sell at a higher price close to the event or reservation in an attempt to make a profit. hotel booking

The problem is that without NFTs, it can be difficult to trust that you will receive the booking. With Takyon NFTs, you can be sure that you will get what you paid for as the transfer is registered on the blockchain.

This also comes in handy for those that have had to cancel their plans at the last minute. Rather than being stuck with a non-refundable booking, they can sell their NFT on the secondary market and recoup some of their losses.

“We want to create a new paradigm in the world of travel booking. This implies moving from the current logic of reserve nominality to having a reserve in the form of NFTs. By doing so, our users will be able to exchange trips and create unique experiences and memories” 

Antonio Picozzith, CEO and Co-founder of Takyon

Details About Takyon

Antonio Picozzi, Giuseppe Monteleone, and Niccolò Francesco Marino are the three founders of this innovative platform. Bookings are currently available on their website As an Italian start-up, currently, there are only listings within Italy but the team plans on taking the platform international as more and more hotel establishments realize the benefits of using NFTs for bookings.

“There are many benefits for all players in the travel industry and our partners are supporting us. A few days ago we published the first NFT with the Grand Hotel Victoria. It is a flagship property on Lake Como. Other partners are joining us to receive the exclusive benefits of being part of our network”

Giuseppe Monteleone, CMO & Co-founder of Takyon

Users will not have to connect a Web3 wallet to enjoy these NFTs associated with their identity. Instead, Takyon serves as a custodial service and will provide a user-friendly dashboard that manages all your NFTs in one place. This will help onboard non-crypto native users into blockchain technology in a user-friendly way.

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