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Treasury value of ARTHOUSE Spirits DAO has already achieved US$1,5 mln at presale. The public sale is open

Treasury value of ARTHOUSE Spirits DAO

The Arthouse Spirits DAO is worth considering – not only because it’s art with future potential. The treasury value has already achieved US$ 1,5 mln at presale. The public sale of Arthouse Spirits DAO NFT’s starts on August 17th and presents an opportunity to buy the unique work of art only for the first 1000 lucky ones. Further mint dates have not been announced yet.

TheArthouse Spirits DAO is the first ever closed community of high-value individuals with luxurious taste and mindset. The platform creates an avenue where these individuals meet, share ideas, network, and access opportunities. Simply put, a closed space for world class experts, VIPs, and top CEOs. In addition, it is a DAO, which means all decisions regarding the organization’s activity are made by its members.  However, becoming a member requires owning a membership NFT. The entry pass to this unique and pioneering Treasury Club is via unusual and unique works of art created by the world-famous street-art artist Mariusz Waras, aka M-city.

We have collaborated with Dictador in the preparation of 20,000 exceptional and unique NFTs, which depict maps of cities and districts all around the world, each decorating the surface of a bottle. As new and exciting as it was, even for me it was a gripping project.’ – explains M-City, Mariusz Waras

Each NFT is unique and collectible as a work of art, but it also authorizes investors to profit from the benefits of the Treasure Club. Within this network, members will have the opportunity to be part of a closed community on Discord, where they can exchange ideas and their NFT’s, meet at real-life events, be educated about interesting investment opportunities, and network with world-class experts, VIPs, and CEOs. The NFT grants access into the community and allows holders to enjoy the benefits of being community members, such as access to percentage share of the treasury, voting, exclusive events, and more.

Innovations are constantly changing the norm and the Arthouse Spirits DAO is bringing an unprecedented innovation into the blockchain and the wine & spirits industry. The project is built by a team of highly experienced experts with successful track records in their various areas. Dictador is the first spirit brand to ever engage with consumers in this capacity. The groundwork for the globally leading Arthouse Spirits DAO comes from Dictador’s innovative long-term strategy. 

The moment to combine state of the art blockchain technology in the crypto space with our Arthouse knowledge has just come. Actually, the idea of creating a unique opportunity to benefit through the ultimate luxury closed community delivered a lot of satisfaction, that’s an unexpected and extra value for us.’

– comments Ken Grier, Dictador’s Creative Director.

 The project has NFTs backed by real-world assets, a solid reward structure for its community, and is built to deliver unrivaled experience to future members.

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