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Joko readying to launch its new MultiSensory Music Streaming Platform using the Tezos Protocol

joko music platform tezos

The blockchain has spawned a new level in creativity, with brand new products and services that literally have never been conceived of before. Since the initiation of the blockchain, it has not been uncommon to hear of groundbreaking new apps and new monetization models and ownership structures for content creators. This unique streaming app, Joko, is no different, merging the world’s of video, music and culture to tell the stories of unsigned recording artists, while rewarding its artists fairly.

Improved Streaming Revenue for Artists

Joko is a music streaming service with a difference. At its core, it uses the blockchain to create tokens that are unique pieces of digital art, each one related to different episodes, art or music. Joko, run from Seattle, and based on the Tezos blockchain, is nurtured by the Tezos Foundation. The Swiss-based Tezos Foundation has the role of sustainably deploying resources to support the long-term success of Tezos by nurturing and incubating projects that sit on its network. The foundation provides both business and technical support to Joko, to work together with the team to promote its success.

The co-founder of Joko, Adeoluwa Adeyemo commented that “Joko is using distributed ledger technology on the  Tezos protocol to support a content marketplace focused on improving video streaming revenue for  today’s recording artists. Our content not only improves the video streaming earnings landscape for recording artists, they also have narrative control over their story when we make documentaries with  them.” 

First of its kind Music Platform

This pioneering platform allows recording artists to paint their own narrative by combining their songs with documentary-style, long-form video content. Each video takes you on a unique journey to various places  and times and enables music fans to find new popular music. All of the songs that Joko creates videos for are currently popular in their own right, with over 2 million views per song. This style of storytelling takes viewers on a journey that stretches across the senses from audio to visual. Music enthusiasts can expand their repertoire of favorite artists and find new artists to follow within the genres that they enjoy, while the musicians are thoroughly rewarded for their content and songs in a sustainable closed-loop economy. 

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