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Best Upcoming Metaverse Projects to Invest in 2022

metaverse project to invest

The metaverse is the hottest virtual reality tech in the market now. Since its debut into the mainstream last year, consumers have recognised its potential to transform the way we interact with others and our surroundings. 

The crypto space has also seen its fair share of metaverse platforms looking to improve human interaction. Several platforms like The Sandbox and Axie Infinity are currently in the spotlight. However, there are several upcoming metaverse platforms that are equally attractive investments.   

In this article, we’ll examine some of these upcoming metaverse projects to invest in. 

  • Alterverse

Kicking off our list of the best upcoming metaverse platforms is Alterverse. Built on the Enjin platform, Alterverse provides an opportunity for users to own and control their specific univrses, where they will be able to buy land, shop, socialize, and gather resources in Sky City – its central hub. 


Touted as a futuristic play-to-earn (P2E) gaming experience, Alterverse allows players to buy land and socialise within its platform. Players can enjoy the bustling life of Sky City, attend live events, and even develop their own structures. The platform also incorporates NFTs, allowing players to mint and trade these tokens via its central NFT marketplace. 

Alterverse is also looking to build Rekt – a “hard-core survival game” that players will be able to own and operate. 

  • Bitcountry

Bitcountry is one of the most in-demand metaverse platforms. It touts itself as the Mothership of user-generated metaverses – essentially, a launchpad for anyone looking to build their own metaverse. Even better? You don’t need to have any coding knowledge to operate the platform, acording to its developers. 


In Bitcountry, metaverses are made up of land blocks. Each land block can be divided into land units, with players able to browse through these units either on a map or using a 3D interface. The platform allows players to build a strong economy by developing a meta crypto and offering them to their community members as incentives. So whether a player is looking to build their own decentralised application (dApp), invest in a metaverse crypto coin, or metaverse community, Bitcountry could be the best platform for them.  

  • Epik Prime

Epik Prime was built as an NFT project that would work with gaming companies and entertainment brands to produce premium in-game experiences and digital items. It has become one of the leading digital licensing agencies in the world, with a network of over 300 gaming, metaverse, and NFT clients. 

With Epik Prime, users have access to a platform that sits at the intersection of NFTs, metaverses, and gaming. Players have a chance to explore its metaverse, earn NFT rewards, and interact freely with their peers in the confines of its virtual environment. 

  • Floki Inu

Floki Inu is one of the most popular meme coins in the market. However, its developers have expanded into the metaverse with Valhalla – their play-to-earn virtual world and gaming ecosystem. 

Valhalla was launched on the testnet in March, and it is expected to be powered by FLOKI – one of the top metaverse coins to buy now. Its P2E operating model will allow players to earn FLOKI as they play, and the asset’s considerable liquidity should make buying and selling easy. 

floki inu

The Valhalla “Battle Arena” alpha is now active and playable on the Optimistic Kovan testnet, despite the fact that the mainnet’s first significant release of Valhalla with P2E mechanics is not expected to go live until Q4 of 2022.

  • Legion Network

Also focused on NFTs, Legion Network describes itself as the first super blockchain ecosystem that combines the best services in the industry into a single Super App. 

Legion Network empowers influencers, creators, and entrepreneurs in the NFT space by providing a blockchain-based ecosystem that leverages cutting-edge technology. Creators benefit from NFT technology as they’re able to crowdsource their designs to develop uiques weapons and skins for players. 

Legion’s native token, LGX  is also a top metaverse crypto. The asset has a fully diluted market cap of $11 million, with 24-hour trading volumes of $2 millon. 

  • Learnoverse

Created by BitDegree, Learnoverse touts itself as a metaverse platform where people can earn as they learn about crypto. Learnoverse uses education technology and the metaverse to make crypto education more fun and rewarding. Whether an investor is a newbie or a professional crypto market participant, Learnoverse allows them to enjoy a fun learning experience that pays. 

According to BitDegree, students will be able to walk around the Learnoverse looking for exciting content. They can explore courses by entering into buildings and progress by moving from one “floor” to another. Students will also be able to earn tokens as they learn and eventually obtain degrees that will enable them to work in Web3. 

  • Pax World

Built on the Paxos Network, Pax World is a metaverse platform that focuses on providing simple and lasting experiences for everyone. The platform allows players to buy land and develop them. Each of the purchased land parcels are NFTs. 

pax world metaverse

With Pax World, users get the opportunity to create their own environment from scratch. The platform also offers exclusive NFT drops to users, while allowing them to participate in activities like land renting and enabling them to earn from exclusive content creation

  • Terra Virtual Kolect

Terra Virtual Kolect is an immersive metaverse project that works across multiple platforms and enables different creative and gaming experiences. In this metaverse, users can own and trade digital assets seamlessly while enjoying access to regular collectible drops from some of their favorite brands.  

All trades in the metaverse are based on the TXK token, which currently holds a market cap of $41 million and a circulating supply of 767 million tokens. With a liquid asset and partnerships with several top brands, Terra Virtual Kolect is one of the best metaverses to invest in. 

  • Tz1and

Built on the Tezos blockchain, Tz1and is one of the most exciting metavese projects in the market right now. It operates like The Sandbox, allowing players to purchase and develop land while engaging in different immersive experiences

Tz1and also has an in-house NFT marketplace, so players can trade and sell their land parcels to earn. 

  • Verasity

Rounding out our list is Verasity. The platform touts itself as the future of digital entertainment and advertising technology, and it focuses on empowering creators and advertisers to fight fraud by ensuring optimal security and transparency. 

Versaity also has the VeraWallet – a wallet application that allows holders to store NFTs and digital assets safely and seamlessly. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Is metaverse a hype?

Although there is a lot of hype surrounding the metaverse, the sector is not a fad. It’s truly here to stay. Some of the most popular metaverse platforms have made significant strides in their product rollouts, and even Big tech companies are launching into the metaverse as well. 

Is metaverse the future?

The metaverse is seen by many as the future of entertainment and interactions. The belief is that humans will be looking to spend more time in these immersive universes, sharing experiences and carrying out economic activities using NFTs and other collectibles. 

Is metaverse a good investment?

The metaverse appears to be a good investment now. With the massive attention the space is garnering, we believe that it is vibrant and poised to grow.

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